Diane Stumph vs. Oneida Tribe Of Indians Of Wisconsin, Oneida Police Department & OPD Staff, Troy Parr and Bill VandenHeuvel; Plus, What Exactly Have The FBI Been Investigating This Week In Jay Fuss’ Former Office At The Oneida Housing Authority? [UPDATE: Photos Of People Removing Materials From OHA Offices Oct. 29 After Hours Will Be Turned Over To Authorities; Jay Fuss Convicted Of Felony Bail Jumping; Stumph Filings & Decision Posted]; 4/21/2016 UPDATE: Whistleblower Report To FBI & U.S. Sen. Baldwin About Theft Of HUD Funding & Materials At Oneida Housing Authority, Plus Retaliatory Physical Violence; 5/23/2017 UPDATE: Jay Fuss Federally Indicted

Filed on October 29, 2015:

  • Outagamie Co. Case No. 2015CV1036, Diane M. Stumph vs. Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, Oneida Police Dept. & Staff, Troy Parr and Bill VandenHeuvel; Harassment Restraining Order

Troy Parr is an enrolled member of OTIW and works for the Oneida Development Division (ODD) as ‘Building Inspector.’

Bill VandenHeuvel is an enrolled member of OTIW and works in the Zoning Dept. of ODD.

Atty. Becky Webster is an enrolled member of OTIW, works for the Oneida Law Office (OLO) under OBC Chief Counsel Jo Anne House (who serves at the pleasure of the Oneida Business Committee/OBC), and is a member of the Wisconsin State Bar Association, and as such is accountable to the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation and the American Bar Association.

It is Oneida Eye’s understanding that Diane Stumph is not an enrolled member of the Oneida Tribe and that she owns Diane’s Bar (W140 Service Road, Town of Oneida) for which the permit is in her name, and which sits on taxable fee land, not on Tribal trust land and, thus, is not under the authority of the Oneida Tribe nor its agencies.

Terry Jordan is Diane Stumph’s husband and is an enrolled member of OTIW, and solely on that basis – according to Diane & Terry –  Atty. Becky Webster is wrongfully attempting to assert the Tribe’s authority over a non-Tribe member’s personal property on the Oneida Reservation and has unlawfully counseled the Oneida Zoning Dept. to illegally prohibit Diane from repairing fire damage to her personal property, despite the fact that Diane has received a permit from the Town of Oneida to repair her building using the insurance money Diane received as a result of an electrical fire last year.

It is believed that the Oneida Business Committee recently paid $250,000 for the private land owned by the Ambrosius Family Trust which housed the now closed Arrowhead Saloon, with plans to demolish the building which sits across the street from Diane’s Bar.

It is believed that the Tribe offered Diane Stumph less than $40,000 for her property, and that the OBC is aggressively pursuing the acquisition of other properties along Service Road on which the Ambrosius and Stumph properties sit. Diane declined the OBC’s lowball offer, and now this unlawful nonsense is happening.

Diane Stumph has filed for a restraining order in Outagamie Co. Court to end the illegal harassment her family has received from the OBC, including an unlawful ‘Danger – No Occupancy’ sign dated September 25, 2015, and unlawful ‘Stop Work Order’ sign dated October 7, 2015, which were both posted and signed by Bill VandenHeuvel under the direction of Troy Parr and with the counsel of Atty. Becky Webster, despite the fact that Diane Stumph has already received a work permit from the Town of Oneida.

The actions of the ODD therefore appear to be part of an unethical and illegal attempt at a power grab by the OBC & the OLO.

Given Atty. Becky Webster’s involvement in ODD’s overreach, it’s not surprising that the pursuit of the OBC’s objectives has resulted in the OLO’s and ODD’s use of harassment and intimidation tactics against Tribe members and non-Tribe members.

The fact that the Oneida Police Mice would go along with Becky’s, Troy’s, and Bill’s unlawful actions is to be expected, of course, but it certainly cannot be tolerated.

2015-09-25 Danger-No Occupancy sign by Bill VandenHeuvel

Danger - No Occupancy sign by Bill VandenHeuvel at W140 Service Rd, Oneida, WI

Stop Work Order sign at Diane's Bar signed by Bill VandenHeuvel


2/20/2016 UPDATE:

Outagamie Co. Case No. 2015CV1036Diane M. Stumph vs. Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, Oneida Police Dept. & Staff, Troy Parr and Bill VandenHeuvel; Harassment Restraining Order was dismissed on February 8, 2016, but it is Oneida Eye’s understanding that the case will be filed de novo in Wisconsin Circuit Court.

Here are filings from the Outagamie Co. Case No. 2015CV1036:



FBI Agents and James ‘Sonny’ Martin Jr. are reported to have been going through files in former Oneida Housing Authority Construction Superintendent Jay Fuss’ former OHA office this week, and individuals believed to be Tribe members & employees were photographed strangely removing files boxes from OHA and loading them onto a truck at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Thursday October 29. (Seems like a late shift, huh, guys? Shredding party?)

[Update: The photos taken of the two individuals witnessed in the process of removing file boxes from OHA on Thursday evening October 29 are being turned over to the authorities. Anyone with information about the removal of materials from the OHA offices is encouraged to contact the FBI’s Green Bay Office at 920-432-3868.]

Oneida Tribe members continue to wonder:

Did OBC Chief Counsel Jo Anne House and her sister, Oneida Governmental Services Division Asst. Director Susan House, along with Atty. Becky Webster (who is married to OTIW member and Oneida Records Management Dept. Director Steve Webster), receive stolen property designated by HUD for the the Oneida Housing Authority from former OHA Construction Superintendent Jay Fuss when he did private contracting work on their private properties?

Have the FBI met with Jay Fuss to discuss these matters in person in recent days?

Or will they bump into Jay at one of his many upcoming court dates in Outagamie County (and one in Brown), which include charges of Felony Fleeing/Eluding and Felony Bail Jumping? (see below)

Has the FBI had – or will they soon have – a conversation with Jo Anne House? Or with Susan House? Or with Becky Webster? Or with Steve Webster? Or with Fmr. OBC Chair Ed Delgado? Or with Fmr. OBC Treas. & current OBC Chair Cristina Danforth?

5/23/2017 UPDATE BELOW: Jay L. Fuss Federally Indicted

See also:

  • Sauk Co. Case No. 2013CF208State of Wisconsin vs. Spencer A. Cornelius; Substantial Battery / Intend Bodily Harm (Felony; Repeater), regarding Spencer Cornelius’ brutal assault on fellow OHA employee Jonathan Delabreau during an OHA training trip to the Wisconsin Dells when harassment & intimidation of Jonathan just wasn’t enough to satisfy Spencer’s bloodlust, and was allegedly done in order to please Spencer’s and Jonathan’s boss, former OHA Construction Superintendent Jay Fuss. That assault wasn’t the first time Spencer Cornelius has violently attacked people as seen by Brown Co. Case No. 2009CF630


Jay Fuss Outagamie Co warrants




MAY 23, 2017 UPDATE:


1 .  Beginning in approximately September 2012, and continuing thereafter until at least May 2013, in the State and Eastern District of Wisconsin,


as an agent of an Indian tribal government that received benefits in excess of $10,000 in a one-year period from a federal grant program, did knowingly obtain by fraud, and convert without authority to his own use, and intentionally misapply, property valued at $5,000 or more that was under the care, custody, and control of the Indian tribal government and its agency.


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