Flighty Louse Delgado: Here He Comes To Screw The Day! [UPDATE]

There have been many uninformed comments by Oneida Tribe members on Facebook and elsewhere regarding what led to Stool Delgado’s double-crossing of GTC by demanding a ‘do-over’ of the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting.

Oneida Seven Generations Corporation was given every opportunity to make a presentation at the GTC Meeting but they chose to decline to do so and they instead wanted the Business Committee to make the case for keeping OSGC as was discussed at the November 13, 2013 BC Regular Meeting. Therefore any suggestion that OSGC were somehow denied a chance to present information and to try to defend themselves at the GTC Meeting is just plain boneheaded and wrong.

The fact of the matter is that, rather than make a case for OSGC’s existence, several OSGC executives and board members chickened out (or wised up) and resigned in the weeks leading up to the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting: Board member Nate King resigned; CEO & CFO Bruce King resigned; President & Board Chair Atty. William ‘Bill’ Cornelius resigned; and former CEO Kevin Cornelius ran away from Oneida a few months back.

Why did they all leave? Most likely because they know they will soon lose their appeal of Brown County Judge Marc A. Hammer’s January 9, 2013 decision that OSGC executives lied to the public and elected officials about their incinerator project, just as they lied to the Oneida people. You know, the failed lawsuit against Green Bay that OSGC had to borrow $750,000 from the Tribe’s General Fund to pay for despite the claim by OSGC (and their loyal cheerleading fans like Sherrole Benton) that they’re a profitable company with a separate budget from the Tribe.

The cost of OSGC’s lies? OSGC claimed they’ve lost $5 million.

In other words, due to their own deceitfulness OSGC has already wasted 20% of the amount that Flighty Louse Delgado wrote in with pen (or was it crayon?) on the blank line in his scare tactics memo:

Stool Delgado himself called for a cost analysis of the financial damages to the Oneida Tribe caused by the incompetence of OSGC subsidiary Oneida-Kodiak Construction at the Anna John Resident Centered Care Community where they didn’t even know how to properly install safety doors causing not just a delay in opening the care facility but also delayed the transition of the meal program and the transfer of rehab services from the health center.

How much did that cost the Oneida Tribe? Maybe Stool Delgado has decided he doesn’t really want the Tribe to know the dollar amount, not to mention the personal costs to Tribal elders and their families.

Oneida-Kodiak Construction was also supposed to build OSGC’s garbage incinerator, but if they can’t even install commercial doors properly what could have happened if they had installed a valve wrong and the dioxin-producing incineration facility blew up causing casualties? These things can explode.

How much would an industrial disaster due to Oneida-Kodiak Construction’s incompetence have cost the Oneida Tribe?

OSGC claimed that they couldn’t provide external auditor McGladrey & Pullen with financial documents for Oneida-Kodiak Construction because their minority business partner won’t make the information available. So then where’s the lawsuit demanding access to the financial records? Maybe OSGC knows that a countersuit by Alliance could result in even greater losses to OSGC if not a host of criminal charges.

Reports are that OSGC executives may have engaged in illegal activities such as co-mingling, misappropriation & misuse of funds, providing private construction work for family members, illegal inducements involving recruiting business partners to join the Mormon church, and more.

How many millions could the potential liabilities & lawsuits caused by those actions cost the Oneida Tribe?

Now Stool Delgado is saying that OSGC will go back to just being a property management company, but they can’t even get that part of their business right! Stool Delgado knows full well that OSGC doesn’t pay its bills to the Oneida Tribe and hasn’t for years, therefore he and the rest of the BC have an obligation to find out just how much money OSGC already owes the Tribe and to make them pay up, but Ed doesn’t seem motivated to make OSGC behave responsibly. Instead, Stool Delgado is only motivated to stop GTC from holding OSGC accountable.

Is Stool Delgado now claiming that he and the BC were given misleading or insufficient financial information prior to the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting? Then when is Stool Delgado going to fire the people who failed to do their duties with diligence or that withheld important financial information from the CFO, the BC, and the GTC?

Somehow the Business Committee thought it could come up with $400 million to loan the Menominee Tribe for their off-reservation casino project when the BC can’t even get straightforward financial information from Oneida employees and Tribally-chartered corporations? Why should anyone trust the BC or OSGC at all?

Why has there been absolutely no discussion by the BC about holding OSGC executives and board members personally liable if they engaged in negligence, misconduct, or law breaking? If OSGC’s actions have cost the Tribe millions of dollars then the Tribe has an obligation to make those responsible reimburse the Tribe.

In fact, why is Atty. Bill Cornelius still allowed by the BC to serve as the Gaming Commission’s attorney and determine if other Tribe members are honest enough to be granted a gaming license when he has been the President of the Liar’s Club known as OSGC?

Apparently on Wednesday December 18, 2013 Oneida Tribal employees at Norbert Hill Center (including Council member & OSGC Liaison Brandon Yellowbird Stevens‘ Executive Assistant Rhiannon ‘R.C.’ Cornelius-Metoxen and Brandon’s auntie, Member Services Specialist Apache Stevens-Danforth, along with Brandon’s other auntie Michelle ‘Mrs. Sore Loser’ Hill and Loretta Metoxen) were using their work time and Tribal resources to put together a petition to try to save OSGC in Secretary Patty Hoeft’s office as witnessed by people who were there. When asked about conducting personal activities during office hours one of the on-the-clock activists said, “I work here.” When Sec. Hoeft was asked about it she made excuses and acted as if it happens all the time. (Did somebody service members at the casino in order to gather petition signatures?)

Oneida Eye was told that Brandon Stevens posted on his Facebook page that he would be gathering signatures at the Oneida Casino. Think about that: A Business Committee member gathering signatures at the Oneida Casino in an attempt to overturn the vote GTC made in the same building just days earlier. Oneida Eye wasn’t aware that anyone was allowed to gather petition signatures at the Oneida Casino but apparently every Tribe member has that option based on the actions of Ham/Burglar Stevens. Good to know!

Meanwhile, a complaint was made by Tribal Internal Security employees that the Oneida Eye was being updated during work hours. Number one, Duh. Oneida Eye has more than one editor and so of course we update our website as events happen. Why wouldn’t we? Number two, what were Tribal Security employees doing surfing the internet and checking up on Oneida Eye during worktime if they feel it’s wrong for Oneida Eye to be updated during work hours? Security personnel aren’t supposed to use personal web-surfing devices on the job, but we don’t expect those numbskulls to be able to even smell their own hypocisy.


When asked at the December 5, 2013 Community Discussion if he would interfere with GTC’s right to vote to dissolve OSGC, Stool Delgado promised that he wouldn’t try to stop GTC from making its own decision, but now that GTC has voted in self-defense Delgado is breaking his word and tackling GTC from behind claiming that GTC wasn’t given all of the relevant information but not admitting that McGladrey & Pullen were denied relevant information from OSGC and that OSGC officials refused to stand up and speak for themselves at the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting.

Again, Flighty Louse: Who is going to be fired for failing or refusing to provide you, the BC, and the GTC with all of the relevant financial information rather than misleading or insufficient data as you now claim? Or are you going to wimp out as usual and make excuses for incompetence and chicanery while saving your confrontation energies for trying to prevent conscientious employees from telling the truth?

If the GTC again votes in self-defense to reaffirm its decision to dissolve OSGC, will Stool Delgado and the BC come up with yet another, bigger number to put in Ed’s fill-in-the-blank memo to try to scare GTC? Something as ridiculous as Ed’s fill-in-the-blank memo is a clear sign that certain forces will say whatever they think it takes to undermine GTC and to protect OSGC at all costs.

Neither Delgado nor the BC, and especially not OSGC, really wants to provide the GTC with access to more relevant information which could help the Tribe make an even more informed decision than the one made on December 15, 2013 (such as Disclosure Reports past & present, or salary information, or financial records of how much OSGC owes the Tribe in long overdue payments or due to OSGC’s own ineptitude, or why so many of their executives & board members have jumped ship, or who the attorneys for each LLC are, or who the invidual investors are so that GTC can tell who’s simply fighting to defend their piece of the rotten pie). Otherwise, why didn’t they make that information available before and at the GTC Meeting?

Instead, Stool Delgado & the BC gang are demanding to have another shot at trying to promise the sun & the moon and to threaten there’ll be hell to pay if GTC doesn’t vote to save OSGC from its own epic fail.

The vote tally at the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting was 1,503 which means that overturning GTC’s legitimate decision will require having no less than 1,001 GTC members vote to support a Tribal corporation that tells multiple lies, that runs & hides, that wanted to market a means of genocide, and that can’t even conduct their property management dealings with their own Tribe right.

Is that the brand & reputation GTC wants the public to identify with the ‘seventh generation’ philosophy of the Iroqouis Law of Peace and the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin?

[UPDATE: Oneida Eye apologizes for not having highlighted this aspect of Flighty Louse Delgado’s MadLibs Memo sooner, but what Stool Delgado is actually asking for is not just that GTC reverse its December 15, 2013 decision but that GTC also give the bullsh¡tting Business Committee “six (6) months” to come up “with a proposal that will provide more transparency in the activities of our corporations.” Uh, sorry Stool & the BC g@ngb@ng brigade, but GTC already gave you that opportunity at the April 11, 2011 GTC Meeting at which point Chief Duncel Jo Anne House promised GTC in her published legal opinion that GTC would have access to OSGC’s Disclosure Reports. Of course, that was before D’oh Anne admitted on July 13, 2013 that GTC would be summarily denied that promised transparency mechanism. Don’t tell us the BC is now going to try to reinvent the wheel all over again, Ed. Just make your Chief Counsel – who serves at your pleasure – abide by her published legal opinion, or just fire her in defense of GTC, because you are ‘For The People,’ right? Or is it simply too much to ask you to live by your campaign promises? Stop trying to kick the can down the road and instead start kicking @ss, or at least don’t act surprised when GTC kicks your can to the curb in the next Tribal primary/election. We know, we know. Ed’s not going to kick anyone’s butt…except his own, but he should at least stop kicking GTC in the teeth on behalf of OSGC. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.]

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