Knowledge, Honesty & Courage vs. AIM & Greg Matson

From the Annie Mae Aquash Timeline Part III:

December 11 or 12, 1975: Late Night or Early Morning

John Boy Patton Graham admits to “waiting” in the car with Annie Mae in it, while Arlo Looking Cloud and Theda Nelson Clark go into Bill Means house during a recorded 2001 interview set up by Vernon Bellecourt in order to facilitate a better alibi in the Aquash case. Janice DennyBellecourt’s common law wife, helps set the meeting up by providing contact numbers for reaching Graham and confirming that Graham has been contacted and is waiting for the interview. The interview, is recorded while in a Vancouver, British Columbia hotel.

Meanwhile Bellecourt in the media is denying to Carson Walker of the Associated Press that he has had contact with John Graham since the early 1970s in Denver.

On the tape transcript, Graham said he was there. (Associated Press Article 3/28/04)

“I don’t remember going into (Means‘) house. I stayed in the car (with Aquash), I know that. Theda went in. And I don’t know if Arlo went in or not, I can’t really remember that too clear,” he said.

Asked if Clark took over the driving when they left Means’ house for Wanblee, where Aquash was killed, Graham said: “Yeah. I do remember that. Theda did some driving. Theda drove from Bill Means‘.”

(Just a fraction of light is breaking on the horizon… according to one account)

Theda Nelson Clark is driving the same Red Pinto they left in from Denver, Colorado with John Boy Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud and Annie Mae tied up in the back seat. John Boy Graham Patton, allegedly shoots Annie Mae around daybreak on December 12, 1975, with Arlo Looking Cloud nearby according to Looking Cloud’s confession. In the CBC – Fifth Estate special John Boy Graham denies shooting Annie Mae.

Richard Two Elk testifies in 2004 (See testimony of Richard Two Elk) that Arlo Looking Cloud had told him that he handed the gun to John Graham just before Graham shot Aquash. If this scenario holds true, then it is likely that the accusation against Marshall providing the gun would mean he handed it to either Theda Nelson Clark or Arlo Looking Cloud first at his Pass Creek home.

John Trudell in the CBC – Fifth Estate describes the scene told to him by one of the witnesses that was there. “Annie Mae was trying to pray for her daughters, and then John Boy shot her.” During court testimony in 2004, Trudell identifies the source of this information during the 2004 trial as Arlo Looking Cloud.

On the northeastern edge of the Pine Ridge reservation between Kadoka and Wanblee on Hwy 73, Annie Mae is executed at daybreak on top of the ridge according to the testimony of Arlo Looking Cloud and then pushed over, or falls over the edge. Not being killed instantly, she eventually curls into a fetal position before dying.


LOOKING CLOUD: And then he – I think she knew then, but I didn’t think they were gonna go through with it, then. I thought it was just like, you know, like they were gonna scare her or something, cause John Boy pulled out a pistol.

LOOKING CLOUD: And I thought –

ECOFFEY: Okay. Go ahead.
LOOKING CLOUD: I thought they weren’t gonna do it. But he did.

ECOFFEY: Okay. Tell me exactly, what did he do?
LOOKING CLOUD: He put it on her head and she prayed.

ECOFFEY: She was praying?
LOOKING CLOUD: Yeah. So I didn’t think, you know, he was gonna do it. But then he did.

ECOFFEY: Okay. When you said you didn’t think he was gonna do it and he did, what did he – what did he do?
LOOKING CLOUD: I didn’t think he was gonna do it. He shot her in the head.


In his recent column in the Kalihwisaks, Vice-Chair Greg Matson takes a none too subtle swipe at the Oneida Eye by saying that it is a “danger to [Tribal] membership” and vows that he will “not allow the continuance of this disrespectful behavior to women, or anyone else in [his] presence.

Greg then goes on to conclude by saying, “I leave you with this thought…. Hero’s [sic] jump on grenades…. Good leaders recognize the danger, establish the facts and lead the people around it… What do you want from the OBC level?

As Oneida Eye has reported, our concerns about Greg Matson’s mental stability (or lack thereof) began at a July 12, 2013 BC working meeting when Greg attempted to shush a non-Tribal editor and when it was made clear that shushing wouldn’t be tolerated the Vice-Chair then threatened the non-Tribal editor by saying:

Better I shush you than that I rush you.

Greg backed down as soon as the editor responded, “You couldn’t kick up a dust cloud, Seabiscuit.

Following that meeting the Oneida Eye editors went up to Greg Matson in the Norbert Hill Center parking lot and asked him to explain his bizarre animosity when none had been shown to him prior to his threat. In fact, the conversation lasted for over an hour-and-a-half and covered a variety of topics, including the Oneida Eye’s opinion that the Tribe would be far better served by having Tsyunhehkwa use the Tower Foods facility for year-round hydroponic gardening rather than as the site of a plastics incinerator, but that Tsyunhehkwa couldn’t afford what the corrupt Oneida Seven Generations Corporation wanted to charge them.

At one point it was explained to Greg that the presentation the Oneida Eye publisher made at the May 5, 2013 GTC Meeting, which resulted in General Tribal Council directing the Business Committee to disallow OSGC from building any kind of incinerator anywhere on the Oneida reservation, made her a hero in the eyes of some and that she was receiving invitations left and right to travel, speak and write about creative ways to organize communities to take action to defend their own health, safety and welfare against elected officials who took oaths to do just that but failed to protect the very people who elected them.

Greg Matson’s creepy dead eyed response was, “Heroes die.

A day or so later the editorial staff even emailed Greg about a concept of how the Tribe could build a low-cost hydroponic farming and point-of-sale facility but we never received a reply.

Instead, Greg joined the foolish coup attempt against Tribal Chairperson Ed Delgado that resulted in Brian Doxtator’s shameful and groundless removal petition against the Chairperson, and Greg went on to claim via his governmental email account – as well as reiterate on the August 28, 2013 BC Regular Meeting video – that the non-Tribal editor of Oneida Eye is a “Terrorist…who is acting in ways of espionage.

As evidenced by his asshattery in the Kalihwisaks, Greg wants to try to position himself as a he-man hero who jumps on grenades to protect women, but the reality is that Greg’s Neanderthal mentality has evidently lead him to the insultingly idiotic conclusion that the Oneida woman who owns and publishes this blog must be too stupid to know whether she’s harboring a ‘terrorist’ when the truth is that she has openly and honestly asserted full responsibility on camera as the publisher who decides what appears on these electronic pages.

So, Greg: Does that make the publisher a ‘terrorist’?

Speaking of ‘terrorists,’ it’s not as though Greg Matson doesn’t have a fan base beyond his Executive Asst. Chaz Wheelock. Here’s an endorsement (sort of) by Oneida Tribe member and AIM co-founder Herb Powless following Greg’s welcome to the rogues gallery known as the American Indian Movement for their ‘International Tribunal to Free Murderer Leonard Peltier’:

Here’s a question: Which one of the ‘heroic’ men and women of AIM were willing to “jump on grenades” to protect Annie Mae Pictou Aquash from Leonard Peltier interrogating and terrorizing her with a gun in her mouth, or from being kidnapped and raped by AIM stooges following false allegations that she was “acting in ways of espionage” before they shot her in the back of the head and left her in a ravine?

The same could be asked about their actions toward Perry Ray Robinson Jr. & other AIM victims believed to still be buried at Wounded Knee.

Greg’s article asked, “What do you want from the OBC level?,” and here is Oneida Eye’s answer: Knowledge of and honesty about the facts along with the courage to tell it like it is about real dangers, as demonstrated by Chairperson Ed Delgado’s 2002 article on the truth about AIM and Annie Mae Aquash which is re-published in this week’s Kalihwisaks.

Please read Chairperson Delgado’s article and remember to ask yourself this question come election time next year:

What do you want from the OBC level?

October 3, 2013 Chairman's Report by Ed Delgado

October 3, 2013 Chairman’s Report by Ed Delgado (who is still a racist dirtbag even if he’s right on this)

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