Say ‘No’ To Complacency & Victimization

It seems Oneida Eye should address false rumors about the website’s supporters and associates. Namely that Oneida Eye receives financial backing by the Town of Hobart or its community leaders.

Oneida Eye was funded by two members of the Oneida Tribe for the purpose of addressing corruption in the Tribe’s government and its corporations. One of those people is Frank Cornelius, a retired Marine who has worked & fought for U.S. and Tribal freedom & democracy at home and abroad.

It was also established to celebrate General Tribal Council’s successful self-defense on May 5, 2013 against attempts by members of the Oneida Business Committee and Oneida Seven Generations Corporation to build dioxin-emitting incinerators on the reservation, as well as to provide information showing why GTC should continue to defend itself by dissolving Oneida Seven Generations Corporation when the opportunity comes.

So far five people have been involved in writing commentary & opinions for Oneida Eye; four are Tribe members, and three are over the age of 55. To suggest this website is a Trojan horse run by secret agents of Hobart is laughable.

After the petition to dissolve OSGC was turned in, people who’d rather protect OSGC than GTC organized a petition to remove Tribal Chairperson Ed Delgado on bogus grounds while they try to sweep under the rug and distract the public away from their corruption and violations of the Tribe’s Code of Ethics.

[Oneida Eye contends that Ed Delgado should have been removed for other reasons along with the rest of the Oneida Business Committee. – Editors]

These unethical hypocrites are scared that GTC members will be allowed make decisions that directly affect themselves and, unlike former Chairperson Rick Hill, Ed Delgado will likely allow GTC to hear both sides and make its own decision.

That is the last thing on earth that OSGC and their supporters want to happen because they know they cannot win an honest & open debate.

This is also why Business Committee members Brandon Stevens, Greg Matson and Paul Ninham rammed through a motion to let the OBC try to convince GTC to forgo its modest meeting stipend. Less money (or no money) means less people attending GTC meetings to vote for self-defense rather than servitude. A weak GTC means fewer questions, less oversight and no meaningful accountability for actual misconduct or negligence by authorities.

False rumors about who owns and operates this blog are designed to create paranoia and play on racial misgivings & fears. Attempts by Vice-Chairperson Greg Matson to smear the only non-Tribal Editor as being a “Terrorist…acting in ways of espionage” are nothing more than stupid scare tactics to exploit delusion.

That kind of underhanded fearmongering is ample evidence of how deeply disturbed and misguided Greg Matson truly is. Is he really the type of person the Oneida Tribe wants as OBC Chair?

If so, it’s possible the Tribe is irredeemably doomed to fall victim to their own dissolution as a nation at the hands of homegrown oppressors & opportunists of GTC’s own choosing.

There have been statements made on Elaine Doxtator’s private ‘Oneida Community Chat’ page on Facebook that Oneida Eye’s owner should be disenrolled from the Tribe and banned from the reservation for running this website.

Ernest Lloyd Stevens III – Team Oneida: Rez Patrol

Ernest Lloyd Stevens III – Team OSGC: Rez Patrol (guns & drinking while on diversion? hmm.)

Think about that: Openly calling for punishing people for exercising freedom of speech. Such idiotic calls for disenrollment show a servile hatred for anyone who would dare publish dissenting opinions and critiques of Tribal government and corporations. Could there be any more disgraceful betrayal to the ideals of freedom & democracy than to write something so undeniably fascist as Tribal Executive Specialist for Communications Ernest Lloyd Stevens III’s dreck?

Is Ernie’s comment, “For their own good,” supposed to be some kind of terror threat? Whatever happened to having skin as thick as pine bark?

[Sidenote: Ernest Lloyd Stevens III is the half-brother of Council member and Habitual Criminal Brandon Yellowbird Stevens and it seems Ernie III works for the office of the Internal Services Division Director which is Joanie Buckley who owns Strateglobe, LLC. Is this the kind of employee and communication that Joanie approves of on social networks? A gun-toting thug? Tribal PR Director Bobbi Webster commented in the same thread after Ernie that she thought the private chat was great! Telling, isn’t it? (FORE!)]

Yes, Oneida Eye mocks those we think deserve mockery and exposes those we think should be exposed. Fools will be fools, and often tools, and we reserve the right to return sh!t to sender. Those decisions are made by a female Oneida Tribe member and owner of this alternative media outlet.

Oneida Eye was founded on the belief that GTC can and will make wise decisions IF they’re provided ample and accurate information which, unfortunately, Chief Counsel Jo Anne House and members of the BC & OSGC are unjustifiably denying GTC’s access to.

Dissolving 7Gens won’t solve all the Tribe’s problems, but it’s a good start to avoid bigger ones. Then GTC must do the hard work of demanding good corporate governance and meaningful accountability, as well as refuse to reelect or allow the appointment of authorities who’ve been involved in malfeasance.

The Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin needs leaders who view ‘the Tribe’ as meaning more than just the BC and Tribal corporations but as also including the actual supreme governing Tribal authority which is GTC members, in session or otherwise.

For those who’ve contacted Oneida Eye to convey your support and ask what you can do to help change things for the better, we suggest the following:

  • Utilize the information in this blog, including in the ‘Resources‘ and ‘Links‘ sections to learn why marketing incinerators is not a business the Tribe should be involved in.
  • Let people know the real reason why Brian Doxtator and his crew are gunning for Chairperson Delgado.
  • Go to GTC meetings prepared (including the Budget Meeting on September 21, 2013) and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions or name names which is GTC’s right.
  • Let the BC know that you are not going to be bullied into silence by false innuendo and ruthless accusations or threats of disenfranchisement.
  • Refuse to surrender your stipend or any more authority to unaccountable bureaucrats and corporate boards.
  • Write letters to the Kalihwisaks, Green Bay Press-Gazette and via social media to let others know that GTC must demand access to Corporate Disclosure Reports so informed decisions can be made.
  • Submit articles to Oneida Eye about what your own experience is and what your vision for the Oneida Nation is.
  • Watch Oneida Eye for upcoming community discussion meetings.

For the Oneida Nation to prosper we must take our role as General Tribal Council very seriously, and take seriously the fact that those who’ve become used to doing whatever they want in secret and without our knowledge are scared that a sleeping giant has awoken.

Let’s prove that those concerns are well-founded and that GTC won’t be lulled back into complacency and won’t tolerate victimization.

Leah Sue Dodge


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