Manchester Mortgage Co. Owner Jim George Comes To The Rescue At Ron Van Den Heuvel’s Federal Court Bond Hearing On Bank Fraud Charges With $200,000 Bond Leveraged Against House Already Leveraged For $65 Million Which Judge Griesbach Strangely Settles For; ALSO, Ron Van Den Heuvel Installs Stephen A. Smith Of Chicago’s GlenArbor Partners Inc. As The New Registered Agent For EcoHub Wisconsin LLC & Environmental Advanced Reclamation Technology HQ LLC (E.A.R.T.H.); PLUS, Ron & Steve’s Fellow EcoSchlub George Gitschel Threatens To Sue Oneida Eye’s Publisher For Libel

From the United States District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin website:

Case Number & Title:  16-cr-0064; USA v. Van Den Heuvel

Time:  3:30 PM

Location:  Courtroom 201, 125 S. Jefferson St., Green Bay, WI

Purpose:  Bond Hearing





On May 6, 2016, Judge Griesbach set Ron Van Den Heuvel’s Bond at $300,000 to be provided by May 16.

Will Ponzi Ron’s 74 Millionaires pass the hat and raise bond money for him?


Maybe Ron can get a loan from the latest to attain EcoSchlub rank, Green Box Board member… 


Stephen A Smith President & CEO of GlenArbor Partners Inc. & Registered Agent of E.A.R.T.H. and Ecohub-USA LLC

Stephen A Smith President & CEO of GlenArbor Partners Inc. & Registered Agent of E.A.R.T.H. and Ecohub Wisconsin LLC

The Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institution’s website shows that on May 5, 2016 – the day before Ron & Kelly Van Den Heuvel’s last court appearance – the ‘Registered Agent’ for both Ecohub Wisconsin, LLC (formerly known as Green Box Wisconsin, LLC, and Green Box OP Wisconsin, LLC), and Environmental Advanced Reclamation Technology HQ, LLC (or E.A.R.T.H.*) was changed to Stephen A. Smith, who is the President & CEO of GlenArbor Partners, Inc.

[*Not to be confused with Ron Van Den Heuvel’s second E.A.R.T.H., Everett Advanced Reclamation Technology HQ, LLC,  for which the ‘Registered Agent’ is listed as the first E.A.R.T.H. Got that?]


So GlenArbor Partners Inc. is based in Chicago

Ron’s PR rep is from Chicago

and Ron & Kelly‘s new attorneys are from Chicago…

Wonder if they know anyone at Evanston, Illinois-based Generation Clean Fuels / Arland Clean Fuels / ACF Services / ACF Leasing?


05/07/2016 UPDATE: Manchester Mortgage Company Owner Jim George comes to Ron Van Den Heuvel’s rescue with $200,000 bond against Ron & Kelly Van Den Heuvel’s shared criminal lair at 2303 Lost Dauphin Road in De Pere, WI (or Lawrence, WI – it isn’t clear), which according to court documents had already been leveraged against $65 Million of Ron Van Den Heuvel’s debt.

From the Supplemental Examination of Ronald H. Van Den Heuvel Before James O’Neil, Court Commissioner May 8, 2015 10:00 a.m. to 12:59 p.m. starting on page 36:

[Atty. Smies:] You live in a house; is that correct?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Yes.

[Atty. Smies:] And at one time you did own that house, didn’t you?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Yes.

[Atty. Smies:] And now it is the case that Manchester Mortgage [Company], LLC (Link 1), owns the property.

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Correct.

[Atty. Smies:] And do you pay rent then to Manchester Mortgage Company, LLC (Link 2)?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] No.

[Atty. Smies:] Do you have any kind of agreement with Manchester Mortgage Company, LLC, concerning your ability to live in the residence?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] I have a handshake.

[Atty. Smies:] What’s the nature of this handshake, as you call it?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] He holds three million shares in E.A.R.T.H., and as long as I’m working for the betterment of E.A.R.T.H., I stay in the property. If the shares ever go over $6 apiece, he gives me my house title back.

[Atty. Smies:] Who is he? Who are you referring to?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Manchester Mortgage. Jim George is the president of it.

[Atty. Smies:] Does Mr. George then – Is it Manchester Mortgage Company, LLC, that has an interest in E.A.R.T.H. or Jim George?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Manchester Mortgage. They bought the note from Citizens [Bank].

[Atty. Smies:] And your agreement with Mr. George, was this reduced to writing?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] No.

[Atty. Smies:] When did you come to this agreement?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] After.

[Atty. Smies:] So after Manchester Mortgage Company, LLC, obtained – presumably foreclosed on the house, bid at the sale –

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] There were $65 million of debt against it.

[Atty. Smies:] There were $65 million of debt against your residence?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Yes.

[Atty. Smies:] And Manchester Mortgage was the senior lender, senior secured lender?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] It bought the loan from Citizens Bank, foreclosed on the first, and everybody went off the back.

[Atty. Smies:] And after they obtained the property through the process and the courts, they then had an agreement with you, just a verbal – an oral agreement essentially that you would stay there rent free as long as – Can you explain what as long as – As long as what, I guess.

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] I cut the lawn, remove the snow, keep the repairs up, pay the heating and lighting bills.

[Atty. Smies:] So you’re responsible to pay the utilities for the property. Are you responsible to pay the property taxes?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Yes.

[Atty. Smies:] Have you paid any property taxes since the Manchester Mortgage Company took ownership of the property?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Yes, twice.

[Atty. Smies:] And what years was that?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:]  ’11 and ’12. And I personally didn’t pay them.

[Atty. Smies:] Who paid them?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Someone else. I don’t remember which person paid them each year.

[Atty. Smies:] Do you have a sense of how much – You did pay them for a number of years when you owned the house, right?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Right.

[Atty. Smies:] And do you have a sense as to how much they were then at least?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] $48,000 a year.

[Atty. Smies:] But as you sit here today, you can’t remember who was willing to pay property taxes for 2011 and 2012 for the property you’re living in?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] No. I mean, I can go find out.

[Atty. Smies:] Do you think it was a family member or friend?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Probably somebody that owed me money.

[Atty. Smies:] Was there any agreement written to reflect that payment on your behalf?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] No.

[Atty. Smies:] So –

[Atty. Petitjean:] Other than a tax receipt?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] I got a receipt from the courthouse

[Atty. Smies:] So your understanding of this oral agreement you have with – between you and Manchester Mortgage Company, LLC, is that you are to maintain the property, cut the grass, plow the driveway, pay the utilities, pay the property taxes. And what else? Anything else that relates to the property?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Nothing else to the property.

[Atty. Smies:] And were there any conditions concerning your role at E.A.R.T.H. and your ability to stay in the residence?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] No. At my dad’s funeral we talked about it a long time again and perfectly comfortable. He sees the share value going up. It’s on the board.

[Atty. Smies:] So if the shares –

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Hit $6 a share, I get the title back to the house.

[Atty. Smies:] Presumably, that would allow Manchester to liquidate their shares and/or do whatever they want. That’s their decision, I guess.

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] It’s their shares.

[Atty. Smies:] How are those shares valued, if you know?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Outside firms.

[Atty. Smies:] When was the last time you had an outside firm prepare a valuation of E.A.R.T.H.?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Six months ago.

[Atty. Smies:] And what was the share price valuation at that time?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Three something, $3 and some cents.

[Atty. Smies:] And how many shares are outstanding or issued of E.A.R.T.H.?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] A hundred million.

[Atty. Smies:] I just want to know, how many shares do you own of E.A.R.T.H.?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] I personally don’t own any of E.A.R.T.H.

[Atty. Smies:] It’s all through –

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] That’s correct.

[Atty. Smies:] It’s all through – I have to go back.

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] RVDH or PCDI. I personally don’t own any.

[Atty. Smies:] Indirectly through your ownership of those entities, what is your percentage of interest in E.A.R.T.H.?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] I wouldn’t be able to –

[Atty. Smies:] You have no sense as –

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] No. 

[Atty. Smies:] – you sit here today?

[Atty. Petitjean:] He’s already indicated he doesn’t own –

[Atty. Smies:] He doesn’t own directly, but he has an interest in entities that have a proportionate interest in –

[Atty. Petitjean:] And all those entities, he’s indicated, have numerous shareholders.

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] It would be hard to figure out.

[Atty. Smies:] But it could be figured out. I mean, you –

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] Schenck could do it.

[Atty. Smies:] But as you sit here, you don’t know if you have three or other entities. You don’t know if you have one percent or 80 percent of E.A.R.T.H.?

[Ron Van Den Heuvel:] I wouldn’t know. I mean, I know I have more than one percent, okay? But I couldn’t – I couldn’t venture a guess that would be worth putting under oath.


Think about that:

SIXTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT leveraged against a property valued at less than $2 Million.


Is Manchester Mortgage Co.’s Jim George acting as Ron Van Den Heuvel’s own ‘Alex Molinaroli’?


It’s not clear why U.S. District Judge William C. Griesbach agreed to lower Ron Van Den Heuvel’s bond to $200,000 leveraged against a property that had already had $65 Million leveraged against it, but perhaps state and federal authorities want Ron Van Den Heuvel to be free on bond so they can continue to monitor him in case he visits various hidey holes and/or contacts co-conspirators in his array of fraud schemes.


Speaking of which…

As Oneida Eye reported, ‘Green Box Wisconsin, LLC’ – previously known as ‘Green Box NA Wisconsin OP, LLC’ – is currently registered with the Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institutions as ‘EcoHub Wisconsin, LLC’ …

… and Ron recently started a new website to display his latest shade of lipstick on a criminal pig:

Creation Date: 2016-02-15
Registrant Organization: TISSUE DEPOT
Registrant Street: 2077B LAWRENCE DRIVE
Registrant City: DE PERE
Registrant State/Province: WI
Registrant Postal Code: 54115
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.9203473838

This entity is connected with George Gitschel‘s Ecohub Houston, LLC & Organic Energy Corp. scams:


After Oneida Eye published that information, George Gitschel sent Oneida Eye the following email on FRIDAY APRIL 29, 2016:

Subject: George Gitschel – EcoHub – Organic Energy Corporation
Date: 2016-04-29 09:47
From: George Gitschel <>
Cc: Tommy Fibich <>, Jay Henderson <>


You have made slanderous and highly libelist claims against me and my company in your blog. None of your claims have any basis in fact. I demand an immediate full retraction and apology by you. I also demand that you immediately take down any and all references to me, EcoHub, LLC, EcoHub-Houston, Organic Energy Corporation, EcoHub-USA or anything related to me or any of my companies from your blog post. If you ignore my request, I will pursue action against you through my attorneys, who are copied on this email.

George Gitschel

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

700 Louisiana Street, Suite 3950 Houston, Texas 77
O (832) 390-2755
F (832) 218-6222
M (650) 346-6574


That’s George Gitschel at 9:47 A.M. … (we assume it was sent by him, but it could be someone pretending to be George Gitschel … his Twitter account seems to have died in 2013) …

… but by 12:46 P.M. later that day George’s tone softens:

Subject: I would like to talk to you
Date: 2016-04-29 12:46
From: George Gitschel <>


You have falsely accused me of things that I have never done, nor would I ever condone. In fact, I have dedicated my life, while sacrificing virtually all of my material possessions, to saving the environment. It has been my mission for the past 20 years. My goal to to bring about the end of garbage and by so doing, save the planet and bring about the end of poverty. Is that such a bad idea?

There is so much more to this than meets the eye. As a responsible journalist and blogger, it’s important that you have the facts from both sides, before you put your opinion on the Internet. Will you please call me so that I can tell you about my mission to change the world?

Best regards,


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

700 Louisiana Street, Suite 3950 Houston, Texas 77002
O (832) 390-2755
F (832) 218-6222
M (650) 346-6574


Gee, George . . . schizo much?

Note that George appears to suffer from the same level of delusional gradiosity as his fellow EcoSchlub Ron Van Den Heuvel, or perhaps – like Ron – George simply hopes to exploit the naïvete of other people due to sociopathic greed.

Oneida Eye’s Publisher replied to George Gitschel via email as follows, which was also CC’d to U.S. District Attorney Greg Hanstaad, Brown Co. District Attorney David Lasee, Brown Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Investigative Division Captain David Konrath, U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, and various media outlets:

On May 2, 2016, at 7:54 AM, Oneida Eye wrote:


I suggest you instead speak with the authorities and tell them everything about your relationships – business or otherwise – with Ron Van Den Heuvel.

Leah Sue Dodge


George Gitschel replied to Oneida Eye’s Publisher and CC’d the list of recipients with the following:

From: “Mr. George Gitschel” <>
Date: May 2, 2016 at 9:31:21 PM CDT
To: Oneida Eye
Subject: Re: Ecohub threatens to sue Oneida Eye


I tried to be reasonable with you and engage in a civil discourse to present you with the facts about me and my companies. You have never met me or interacted with me in any way. You have no idea who I am or anything about any of my companies. Yet, through your beef with Ron Van Den Heuvel (which I had never known anything about), you have falsely accused me of things that I have never done. Your slanderous actions and character assassinations directed towards me are both despicable and highly irresponsible. To make matters worse, you have also “named” and “linked” some of my business associates with this nonsense. You have committed slander and libel against me and some of my associates. I am now referring this action to my attorneys. I will not tolerate your reckless and reprehensible behavior.

George Gitschel


Thus far, Oneida Eye has not heard since from George Gitschel nor his attorneys.

Kind of a shame, really, because the discovery process would likely be very interesting … to say the least.


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