Does De Pere Deadbeat Ron Van Den Heuvel Owe YOU Money And You Need It NOW? Check The List & Find Out How To Get It! (Why Is The Oneida Business Committee Ignoring Its $1.2 Million Judgment Against RVDH? Is OBC Chair Cristina Danforth In On A Long Con Game With Artley Skenandore, RVDH & Oneida Seven Generations Corporation? Is OBC Chief Counsel Jo Anne House Advising, Aiding & Abetting Criminal Fraud Schemes?) [UPDATED]

Does Ron Van Den Heuvel’s Green Box NA Green Bay, LLC, owe you money and you need it now?

See if your name or business is on the official list!


If your name should be on that list but isn’t, Brown County records show that you have until November 18, 2015, to file your claim with Atty. Michael S. Polsky who has been appointed Receiver of Green Box NA Green Bay, LLC, in Brown Co. Case No. 15CV769.


General Tribal Council member & advocate Mike Debraska asked Oneida Law Office Attorney Rebecca ‘Becky’ Webster during a ‘Litigation Update’ at the September 12, 2015 GTC Special Meeting if the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and/or its corporations would be pursuing any further legal actions against Ron Van Den Heuvel to obtain the $1.2 Million judgment that Brown Co. Judge Thomas J. Walsh ordered Ron Van Den Heuvel’s Tissue Technology LLC to pay to Tribally-owned Oneida Seven Generations Corporation (OSGC)’s subsidiary Glory LLC in 2009.

OLO Atty. Becky Webster said that was the “first time” she’d ever heard of anyone named ‘Ron Van Den Heuvel.’




  • Brown Co. Case No. 2009CV439Glory LLC v. Ron Van Den Heuvel & Tissue Technology LLC
    • Judgment for money:
      • Amount : $1,227,880.01
      • Satisfaction: NO shows the Registered Agent for Glory LLC is currently Oneida Seven Generations Corporation’s failed former waste gasification Project Manager Pete King III who owns the useless front known as King Solutions LLC, which was recently selected by the corrupt Oneida Business Committee to replace the equally dubious Colorado-based Gene Keluche & Sagestone Mgmt. as the ‘Agent’ for OSGC.

The OBC was ordered to dissolve OSGC by the Oneida Tribe’s General Tribal Council in December 2013, which the corrupt OBC is refusing to do as part of a long, ongoing campaign of blatant violations of Tribe members’ rights which are protected by the Indian Civil Rights Act.

Apparently, outside investigations and assistance will be necessary.

The corrupt OBC is currently funneling unaccounted tens-of-thousands of dollars on a monthly basis to Pete King III’s vanity project, despite the fact (or perhaps due to the fact) that his King Solutions LLC has trouble paying its own bills:

Pete King III is the nephew of Oneida Gaming General Manager Louise King Cornelius, who is a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. Louise’s son, Derrick King, was recently hired as Oneida Gaming Compliance Manager.)

Of course, that’s not the only time Oneida Small Business, Inc., had to take tribe members to court for failing to repay their business loans, including Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA) 2nd Vice President, Colorado’s Native American Bank NA Board Chair & current Oneida Business Committee Chair Cristina Danforth, a longtime OSGC cheerleader who travels to praise the wonders of pyrolysis & gasification schemes and tells members of other tribes that such projects are a safe and sound means of ‘economic diversification.’

OBC Chair Cristina Danforth filed for bankruptcy last December (2014), originally hiring Atty. John Petitjean who is acting as Ron Van Den Heuvel’s counsel in Brown Co. Case No. 15CV769.


Why is neither the Oneida Business Committee nor the Oneida Law Office knowledgable about nor aggressively trying to get the Tribe’s money back from Artley Skenandore’s and OSGC’s business partner Ronald Henry Van Den Heuvel?

Likewise, neither OBC nor OSGC pursued legal action against the 49% owner of OSGC-subsidairy Oneida-Kodiak Construction – Alliance Construction & Design / GC – when Alliance was withholding financial records from the Oneida Tribe, as acknowledged by Oneida Tribal CFO Larry Barton.


Have Artley Skenandore & Ron Van Den Heuvel been at the dark heart of a long confidence game that’s being played against the General Tribal Council of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin; the City of Green Bay; the City of De Pere; the State of Wisconsin; the State of Michigan; and the U.S. Government, not to mention numerous named & unnamed investors and creditors?


Did Oneida Tribal officials, employees, and corporate executives & officers promote and defend risky pyrolysis & gasification projects to the Tribe and abroad due to kickbacks and their own personal side-investments from which they expected to get rich based on the same false promises of millions of dollars in profits as made to Generation Clean Fuels’ investors who’ve had to take GCF to court to get their original investments back?


Has Oneida Seven Generations Corporation, and the Oneida Business Committee, and the Oneida Law Office led by OBC Chief Counsel Jo Anne House, aided & abetted a ‘green energy’ scam which seems strikingly similar to the Mantria Ponzi Scheme, whose principals now face federal indictments for conspiracy and fraud?


Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin members will be asking Wisconsin State Senator Julie Lassa and State Representative Peter Barca to ask the federal government to address those questions in the federal investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation by the U.S. Dept. of Justice which Sen. Lassa  and Rep. Barca have already requested of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, as well as be included in any state criminal investigation of WEDC which other Wisconsin lawmakers have called for.

General Tribal Council members will also request as a class that the Oneida Business Committee, the Oneida Law Office, and Oneida Seven Generations Corporation and its subsidiaries be investigated for any role they may have played in perpetrating fraud on the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and others, including states and municipalities, relating to the $4 Million OSGC received from WEDC for waste gasification projects involving Ron Van Den Heuvel and Latif Mahjoob of American Combustion Technology, Inc (ACTI), or Todd Parczick & Mark Verhaagh of Alliance Construction & Design / GC and P20 Technologies, or Eric Decator & Joseph Camilli of Generation Clean Fuels, ACF Leasing & ACF Services, or any other entity connected to Arland Clean Fuels.



UPDATE 1 – 9/15/2015:

In May, [Wisconsin Gov. Scott]Walker abruptly dropped his proposed merger of WEDC and another economic development agency shortly after the release of an audit that found WEDC had failed to follow state law and its own policies in awarding taxpayer-funded incentives to state companies.

In July, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review found that WEDC failed to run adequate checks and gave two awards worth more than $1.2 million to Green Box, an environmental technology company in De Pere. WEDC didn’t turn up the many legal and financial problems of Green Box Chairman Ron Van Den Heuvel, which he did not disclose on his state application.

WEDC is now suing Van Den Heuvel, alleging that he gave creditors false information and offered them collateral that had been pledged to others. Van Den Heuvel, who denies the allegations, had his business raided recently by the Brown County sheriff’s office, which seized five truckloads of business records and other materials.

Earlier this month, the Journal Sentinel reported that WEDC gave a Wisconsin businessman a $1 million loan from taxpayers in December 2012, nine months after a federal judge wrote in a public order that other deals involving the entrepreneur had “all the earmarks of fraud.”

WEDC knew about the federal lawsuit and the fact that businessman Tim Flaherty had been added to it as a defendant months before the agency made its loan. Now that loan to Flaherty and his Oconto County business, North American Finishing LLC, has gone sour, and WEDC had to file its own suit in state court in April to seek the return of the money.


Democratic lawmakers are calling for the end of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., saying the “brand is broken” after a series of scathing audits and news reports on failed loans. …

Lassa specifically cited the case of Building Committee Inc[.] In that case the agency, pressed by…top Walker aide [Mike Huebsch], gave a $500,000 unsecured loan to a company owned by…top Walker donor [William Minihan] without properly checking its financial status, and despite the company misrepresenting itself on its application. Even after the agency learned the company’s owner intended to use state funding to repay a luxury car-leasing debt, it continued to help the company in its ultimately unsuccessful attempt to obtain $4.5 million in federal bonds.

WEDC has a horrible brand problem,” Lassa said. “When you have business leaders out there talking about whether they want to be connected with WEDC because their tarnished brand might somehow rub off on the other organizations or their business, I think it speaks for itself.”


Ditto for the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin’s ‘brand.’

This will remain true until and unless General Tribal Counsel hires GTC’s own legal counsel under its Article IV powers of the Oneida Tribal Constitution and adopts corporate laws that will protect GTC from Tribally-owned corporations and the Oneida Business Committee and the OBC’s legal counsel: the OBC Chief Justice and the Oneida Law Office which works against GTC’s interests and seeks to help the OBC undermine GTC’s authority while endangering the Tribe’s resources and reputation.



UPDATE 2 – 9/18/2015:

OBC Chair Cristina Danforth’s newly appointed Senior Policy Advisor, Dawn ‘Mitzi’ Moon-Kopetsky, has informed Tribe members that Tina’s departing Executive Assistant Mary Graves (who’s moving to an Internal Audit position that some wonder if she’s qualifed for) will be temporarily replaced by Lora Skenandore, the elected Oneida Gaming Commissioner who on September 1, 2015, was found guilty of fraud.



File Under: ‘Known By The Company You Keep’

Native American Finance Officers Association Board

Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA)’s 2nd Vice-President Cristina Danforth presents an award to Tex Hall who is under investigation for kickbacks and personally profiting from business deals with criminals at the expense of tribal members while acting as Mandan Hidasta & Arikara Nation Chair.

FORT BERTHOLD, N. D. –– At its most recent special meeting, the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara Nation Tribal Business Council approved a request to provide federal investigators findings of an independent inquiry into former council Chairman Tex Hall’s alleged malfeasance.

Council members had commissioned the giant international Dentons Law Firm to undertake the investigation and only released the results when a crowd insisted in storming their office just before the September primary election that eliminated Hall from the running for a fourth-term as the nation’s top official.

During eight months of successor Mark Fox’s administration, public pressure has been mounting for the federal investigation, as part of a movement for government transparency among the now more than 42,000 members of the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation. …

The inquiry exposed Hall’s Mandaree segment oil-and-gas leasing company Maheshu Energy LLC for contracts apparently worth millions of tribal dollars with, among others, convicted felon James Henrikson and his wife Sarah Creveling’s Blackstone LLC trucking services, in disregard of standard billing procedures and the Tribal Enrollment Rights Ordinance, which provides hiring preference to members of the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara tribes.

Findings included evidence that the former chairman knowingly violated the tribal Ethics Code with impunity, failed to disclose arrangements that entailed kickbacks, and refused to recuse himself from council decision making about private business activities in which he could have bilked the tribe.

Among other things, the Denton Report indicated that Hall illegally stored radioactive fracking socks on his property and sent tribal employees to clean up the mess; used his office to influence energy-company decisions; and competed in private enterprise with other tribal members doing business in the oilfields.



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