Ernie Stevens Jr. – National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Chair & Spokesperson And Tribal Advisor To Consulting Firm Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC – Accused Of Receiving Kickbacks In ‘Racketeering Scheme’ With New Mexico State Auditor & Former State Senator Tim Keller Who’s A BSSG Principal & Trainer; FBI Investigating [UPDATE: Court Filings Posted]

Ernie Stevens Jr. and race-relations expert Hulk Hogan

NIGA’s Ernie Stevens Jr. and race-relations expert Hulk Hogan (who loves using ‘N’ words). What could possibly go wrong, BROTHER?!

Fist Bros!

Fist Bros!

MUST READ reporting from the New Mexico Political Journal (NMPJ) about Oneida Nation in Wisconsin (ONW) member and National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Chair & National Spokesman; co-founder of the Dreamseekers Foundation with friend and 2008 NIGA Humanitarian Award winner Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea); as well as Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC’s Tribal Advisor, Ernest Lloyd ‘Ernie’ Stevens Jr., regarding the breach-of-contract Counterclaim filed in California by former BSSG employee & Hopi activist Nikishna Polequaptewa following Blue Stone Strategy Group’s lawsuit against Polequaptewa alleging computer fraud and theft of ‘trade secrets.’

Nikishna Polequaptewa’s March 12, 2015 Counterclaim in Central District of California Court Case No. 14-CV-1888 CJC-DFMBlue Stone Strategy Group, LLC v. Nikishna Polequaptewa & Does 1-5, states:

15. In November 2014, Polequaptewa submitted two internal whistleblower complaints in writing to Blue Stone corporate officers. The complaints related to IT security concerns and financial malfeasance by Blue Stone corporate officers. Specifically, Polequaptewa complained about how Blue Stone corporate officers improperly paid tribal leaders—Ernest Stevens, Jr. (Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association), Brian Patterson (President of the United South & Eastern Tribes), Tim Keller (New Mexico State Senator), Brian Cladoosby (President of the National Congress of American Indians), and Henry Cagey (Elected Tribal Counsel Member, Lummi Nation), among others—to convince their constituents to get contracts for Blue Stone.

Polequaptewa’s Counterclaim describes how Blue Stone Strategy Group tried to force him to relocate to Florida resulting in his eventual resignation from BSSG while on a company trip to Ft. Lauderdale, and how that same evening BSSG National Project Manager William Moon lied to the Ft. Lauderdale police by falsely claiming that Polequaptewa was suicidal and led the police to the hotel room where Polequaptewa was staying with his wife and three young children, and then Bill Moon allegedly lied to the Ft. Lauderdale police about BSSG owning Polequaptewa’s personal laptop computer when BSSG had never purchased a laptop for him.

It gets even creepier.

More must read excerpts are included further down in this post.


NMPJs in-depth coverage is best read in the following order:

Hopi Indian activist Nikishna Polequaptewa has specifically named New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller in a lawsuit, accusing him of being “improperly paid” to convince constituents to get contracts for Blue Stone Strategy Group, a Delaware limited liability company operating out of Irvine, California. …

Polequaptewa seems to be zeroing in on specific provisions of New Mexico’s Governmental Conduct Act. The Act states:

“The legislator…shall use the powers and resources of public office only to advance the public interest and not to obtain personal benefits or pursue private interests.” (10-16-3)

And goes on to say:

“the legislator shall refrain from references to the legislators’ legislative capacity…” (10-16-9.B)


We earlier reported that in his capacity as a Blue Stone rainmaker, Keller was continually referenced only by his political title. That is until this morning.  Here are some changes Blue Stone made just this morning, or over the weekend:

Blue Stone[‘s website] used to say:

New Mexico Senator Tim Keller came to Blue Stone five years ago…”

“Updating organizational structure is essential,” says Senator Keller.”

“Their original ways of governance is [sic] often diluted with outsider notions of how government should run,” notes Senator Keller.”

“The idea,” says Senator Keller, “is that a thoughtful update should help resolve those competing interests.”

But this morning it reads

“Tim Keller came to Blue Stone five years ago…” 

“Updating organizational structure is essential,” says Keller.”

“Their original ways of governance is [sic] often diluted with outsider notions of how government should run,” notes Keller.” 

“The idea,” says Keller, “is that a thoughtful update should help resolve those competing interests.”

All references to Keller as a politician [on Blue Stone’s website] have been censored.  …

Keller was a principal in the company. The lawsuit was filed in November [2014] — so it strains the limits of credulity that as a principal in the company Keller didn’t know about the lawsuit eight months ago.

But the counterclaim naming Keller was filed on March 12[, 2015] (not April as reported by the [Albuquerque] Journal).  And it is just plain inconceivable that 4½ months went by without anyone alerting Keller of a lawsuit in which he is named as a party to wrongdoing.

His professed ignorance is just not believable on any level—especially not for someone claiming to be alert enough to monitor and audit everybody in the state. 


NMPJ: What does Blue Stone actually do?

NP:  Not much really. It’s actually just a very small core group of people in the Irvine office who do all the work. And the work is really sort of cut-and-paste applications of stuff that’s already been written before.

NMPJ: But the website shows over 40 people working there?

NP: Most of those are either inactive, or have long since left, and there are almost no actual Native people working for the company.

NMPJ: You make Blue Stone sound like a scam.

NP: It is a scam. They exploit tribes.

NMPJ: But the testimonials.

NP:  It’s complicated, but the testimonials are all from people who are completely tied-in with Blue Stone. Blue Stone is not about economic analysis or anything like that. It’s about relationships. Of the people shown on the website, the ones who actually are active or do something, those people, if they are tribal advisors, are paid about $3,000 a month to try to get contracts or expand and extend contracts with tribes. But many people may have gotten only one small contract, or small payment, and are no longer active, but they’re still shown on the website. 

They get tribes to sign up for services. Then one of the people in Irvine — they are all Caucasians — do some very basic recommendations for all the tribes and all the services they sign up for. And it’s basic work, the woman who does almost everything was a work study student, that’s how simple it is. 

NMPJ: What kind of services or recommendations?

NP: Generally, if it’s a big tribe or a tribe with money, they recommend cost-cutting measures, how to reduce costs at casinos, or gas stations or some other tribal entities, but it’s all the same, it’s all a cookie-cutter approach, things are copied from previous years.  If it’s a small tribe without money, they always recommend ways to raise money.

They recommend the exact same things to everyone all the time. They have a Tribal Economy Chart, an Economic Diversification Chart and what they call an Investment Funnel chart. They roll them out, and it’s all pretty obvious stuff, not geared to any specific tribe at all. Then they take what the tribes say and just regurgitate it back to them with a few very general recommendations and the tribes say “oh, that sounds good.” But the tribes actually already have the answers themselves. 

NMPJ: This sounds like it’s rich in buzz words.

NP: Yes, it’s all buzz words. Yes but they roll out the same charts and buzz words in every presentation.

NMPJ: How much do they charge for this service?

NP: It depends. If they don’t have money, a poor tribe or Pueblo might be charged $40,000-$50,000, but a wealthy tribe might be charged $700,000 or so.

NMPJ: For a year?

NP: No, typically for only two or three months, it probably varies from one to six months, but mostly it’s for two to three months. 

NMPJ: It’s hard to understand what they get out of this, how is it worth it?

NP: It isn’t worth it. It’s manipulation. After getting a start-up contract, one of the first things they ask a tribe for is all of its financial and budget data. They get it and then they see what a tribe’s assets are; and they base their relationship and their charges on the assets and amount of money they think the tribe can pay. They call it a “Data request,” it includes by-laws, financial information and so on.

They see if a tribe can afford more “projects.” If they can, then Blue Stone definitely recommends more projects in certain areas within each tribe—areas that have the biggest internal budgets.  It’s like you hear with some mechanics—you bring your car in for an oil change, or maybe freon for your AC, but you end up with a transmission overhaul. 

One of our staff, Herminia Frias (Minnie), realized we (Blue Stone) didn’t need this data at all, because we didn’t really use it for anything. And she wrote these memos back and forth in the office for a week.  But she got in trouble and was placed on probation. What she didn’t understand is that Blue Stone uses the data to determine how much they can charge tribes, and what kind of pitches they can make, not for economic analysis.

One tribe in Florida was charged $700,000.

Jamie Fullmer, Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC's Chair

Jamie Fullmer, Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC’s Chair

NMPJ: What about Mr. [Jamie] Fullmer [BSSG Founder & Chair] ? It says he’s Native.

NP: He’s not even there, he’s checked out, spends all his time at his home in Arizona. He’s just a figurehead.

NMPJ: Mr. [John] Mooers [BSSG President]?

John Mooers, Blue Stone Strategy Group President

John Mooers, Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC’s President

NP: He can’t even send an email. He just walks around the office dictating. It’s funny how he accuses me of anything to do with IT stuff. He doesn’t know anything about that. I’m telling you, Blue Stone is all about relationships. That’s what [New Mexico State] Senator Keller, and not only him, but other tribal members and members of organizations are at Blue Stone for. Relationships, sales, contacts.

NMPJ: Mr. [William] Moon [BSSG National Project Manager]? 

William Moon, National Project Manager for Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC

William Moon, National Project Manager for Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC

NP: That’s a weird stituaton. He was brought in from Korea. I had to train him. He gets $200,000 a year and he knows nothing about tribes, tribal infrastructure, tribal economics he had to be taught everything. 

NMPJ: Why someone from Korea, when there are all kinds of First Nations men and women who are trained and equipped for the kind of interaction Blue Stone advertises itself to do?

NP: Good question.  But it’s about secrecy. They need people who will not talk about the fact the company is a sham. They’re looking for people who will just go along with what they’re doing and say nothing. They found someone at some meeting somewhere and hired him. But he’s from Korea. I couldn’t go along with what I was seeing. That’s why they’ve been so aggressive with me. They don’t want exposure. That’s why they illegally took my computer. The computer is mine, not theirs.


Fmr. New Mexico State Sen. and current NM State Auditor Tim Keller, Princpal in Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC

Fmr. New Mexico State Sen. and current NM State Auditor Tim Keller, Principal in Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC

Mr.Nikishna Polequaptewa has just published a PowerPoint presentation showing the extent to which Blue Stone Strategies does the hard sell to Indian tribes around the country.  He writes:

“I read the Albuquerque Journal article that has been syndicated to papers all across the country.  I would like to the opportunity to rectify the storyline.”

I was not sued by Blue Stone to protect trade secrets, I was sued by Blue Stone to protect their associates, such as then [New Mexico State] Senator Tim Keller, and their questionable tactics.”

You cannot copyright the use of elected officials to gain contracts as a legitimate business model.”

“I was not sure who to go to…who audits the state auditor…?”

“Please see Slides 8-11 and the last slide of the PPT sent to my personal email account back in April 2014 by Tim Keller that outlines his step by step involvement in business development with Tribes in New Mexico.”

Mr. Polequaptewa goes on to say that Blue Stone‘s lawsuit against him and what he terms the “faux FBI investigation” was nothing more than a legal ruse that Blue Stone‘s legal team came up with. …

[Blue Stone Strategy Group’s] goal is to “cover up the fact that the company relies on the influence of elected officials to gain contracts from their constituents.”

And one of those was then-State Senator Tim Keller.

Polequaptewa states that he and his attorney have already met with the FBI and that he told them:

“exactly what I told the New Mexico Political Journal, which is why no charges have ever been filed and they said they would be looking into Blue Stone Strategy Group. …

“I am telling the truth, I have proof (see attached document) and money doesn’t lie.”

“Next month will initiate the Discovery phase of the lawsuit, which will entitle my legal team to subpoena financial records, emails and other documents from Blue Stone to show who was paid, when and how much.”

“When I quit (a month before Christmas, mind you, with 3 young children depending on me), Blue Stone officials exacerbated their retaliation against me for voicing concerns about how the company was operating.”

“When the Albuquerque Journal article hit the California news outlets, Blue Stone Strategy Group attempted to hack into my personal email accounts yet again and immediately started making changes to the website.”

“The Tim Keller issue is just the tip of the iceberg. This case extends into the highest levels of Indian Gaming, Elected Officials and Indian News Publications in what appears to be a racketeering scheme.  I wanted no part of it, but it appears I have no other option other than to say what I know to clear my name.”

Nikishma Polequaptewa – Whistleblower against Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC

Nikishna Polequaptewa – Whistleblower against Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC

Nikishna Polequaptewa told New Mexico Political Journal this afternoon that Blue Stone Strategies had suddenly asked for a delay in the discovery process in the case involving New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller.

Discovery was supposed to have begun today, according to court records.

Polequaptewa stated,  “prior to your [NMPJ‘s] reporting on this issue, no one knew about the lawsuit—now they’re scrambling, asking for delays.” 

Yesterday he had notified NMPJ that Blue Stone’s legal team had called his attorney: “all upset, and requested that I stop talking to the press. Then they threatened to file for injunctive relief. But my attorney wrote back a letter asking them what protected trade secrets they are referring to?”

Blue Stone never got back to them on that.

We followed up the one comment with the question:  “Does anyone believe that Keller himself did not know about the lawsuit prior to our reporting?” (Keller has claimed it was the first he’d heard of it.)

The answer came back: No. No one believes that.


Court filings:

Nikishna Polequaptewa’s Counterclaim states:

15. In November 2014, Polequaptewa submitted two internal whistleblower complaints in writing to Blue Stone corporate officers. The complaints related to IT security concerns and financial malfeasance by Blue Stone corporate officers. Specifically, Polequaptewa complained about how Blue Stone corporate officers improperly paid tribal leaders—Ernest Stevens, Jr. (Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association), Brian Patterson (President of the United South & Eastern Tribes), Tim Keller (New Mexico State Senator), Brian Cladoosby (President of the National Congress of American Indians), and Henry Cagey (Elected Tribal Counsel Member, Lummi Nation), among others—to convince their constituents to get contracts for Blue Stone.

16. In November 2014, after submitting his internal complaints, Polequaptewa was demoted from a senior strategist to a strategist.

17. On or around November 10, 2014, Polequaptewa saw his name on a travel logistics email for the Florida project.

18. Polequaptewa spoke with Moon once again after seeing the travel logistics email. Moon told Polequaptewa that he had to go the first week just to get the project launched. Polequaptewa agreed to go for a week, but believed that he would be returning home to Orange County after helping to launch the Florida project.

19. Polequaptewa arrived in Florida on or around November 18, 2014. When Polequaptewa arrived in Florida, he received an orientation-meeting outline. The outline listed Polequaptewa as one of the two Blue Stone employees who would be required to be in Florida from Sunday to Friday each week for six months.

20. Polequaptewa felt that Blue Stone deceived him, ignored his concerns, and retaliated against him. Polequaptewa attempted to discuss his concerns about the Florida project with Blue Stone’s office manager, Moon, and Blue Stone CEO, John Mooers (“Mooers”).

21. Everyone at Blue Stone that Polequaptewa attempted to contact ignored him and avoided his request for resolution. Polequaptewa felt trapped into spending six days a week in Florida for six months. Consequently, Polequaptewa felt that he had no choice but to resign from Blue Stone.

C. Evening of November 18, 2014: Moon falsely tells the police that Polequaptewa might kill himself in order to gain access to Polequaptewa’s hotel room

22. On the evening of November 18, 2014, after Polequaptewa resigned from Blue Stone…[Mr. William] Moon called the police and told them that Polequaptewa might kill himself.

23. The police arrived at Polequaptewa’s hotel room in response to Moon’s call. Polequaptewa’s wife and young children were in the hotel room.

24. Moon attempted to get the police officer to seize Polequaptewa’s personal laptop, and alleged that it belonged to Blue Stone. Polequaptewa asserted that the laptop belonged to him [as he had purchased the one in question and Blue Stone had never provided him with a laptop – Eds.].

25. The police officer advised Polequaptewa to turn over the laptop to show that he had nothing to hide, but to take pictures of it and lock the device. Polequaptewa cooperated because he felt he had no other choice, and was not detained in any form.

D. Polequaptewa’s personal email accounts and Apple ID account are hacked into shortly after Polequaptewa provides Blue Stone access to his linked Blue Stone account

26. On or around November 14, 2014, Moon and Mooers requested that Polequaptewa transfer all company network and IT-related administrative passwords and privileges over to Mooers’ longtime friend [and owner of Runner Boys Computer & IT Services of Irvine, CA], Eldad Yacobi. Polequaptewa complied with the request, and did not give his passwords and privileges to anyone else.

27. [On] November 18, 2014, Polequaptewa was locked out of his Blue Stone email accounts. Polequaptewa has not given his passwords to his two personal email accounts to anyone else, but they can be accessed via his Blue Stone email account.

28. Within an hour, Polequaptewa discovered that his personal email accounts were hacked through his Blue Stone email account. His two personal email accounts were then used to hack his Apple ID account, which Polequaptewa was locked out of as well. Polequaptewa has not given his password to his Apple ID account to anyone else, but it can be accessed via his personal email accounts.

29. Once Polequaptewa regained access to his personal email accounts and Apple ID account, he began receiving consistent phone text and voice message attempts to hack back into his accounts. The cyber attacks attempting to gain access to Polequaptewa’s email accounts even extended to his bank account.

30. Polequaptewa traced the IP address of the intruder to Southern California, and was in Florida at the time of the cyber attacks. Upon information and belief, Blue Stone [headquartered in Irvine, CA] caused and/or contributed to the cyber attacks. …

33. On or around November 24, 2014, Polequaptewa received an email from Matthew Berliner, an attorney, on behalf of Blue Stone. Mr. Berliner advised that Blue Stone would pick up Polequaptewa’s personal property and ship it to his home address in Garden Grove, but that they would be turning over Polequaptewa’s laptop to the authorities. Polequaptewa was surprised that Blue Stone (and not the Florida police) was in possession of his personal property. …

48. Blue Stone intentionally intruded on Polequaptewa’s hotel room when Moon misrepresented to the police that Polequaptewa might try to kill himself.

49. Blue Stone’s intrusion is highly offensive to a reasonable person because of the nature of the misrepresentation, and how it was done in front of Polequaptewa’s wife and young children. Moreover, the motivation for the call was specious – Blue Stone knew that it never provided Polequaptewa with a laptop, and that Polequaptewa used his personal laptop. But Moon attempted to have the police seize Polequaptewa’s personal laptop anyway. …

56. Blue Stone continues to exercise wrongful dominion and control over Polequaptewa’s personal property described in paragraph 35, supra. Blue Stone is not only exercising wrongful dominion and control over the personal property itself, but also the intellectual property contained in the computer equipment and external hard drives, including: date, templates, models, proposals, and approximately $150,000.00 worth of contracts.


See also:

In his version, he’s the victim of company bosses that won his services and then breached their contract by unacceptably demanding he must spend six days a week in Florida for at least half a year.

More specifically, he says he quit after filing two whistleblower complaints that protested Blue Stone “improperly paying” money to Indian gaming officials, tribal leaders and a New Mexico politician to secure contracts, according to court records.

This month inside Orange County’s Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, Polequaptewa filed a counter suit. “Polequaptewa felt that Blue Stone deceived him, ignored his concerns and retaliated against him,” states a court brief that goes on to claim company officials misled Fort Lauderdale police to confiscate his personal computer and concocted a disingenuous lawsuit.

He also says his personal email accounts were hacked and that Blue Stone officials have refused to return to him more than $4,000 worth of his personal property.

I am not the only Native American employee that they have treated badly by this deceptive company that is managed by non-natives,” Polequaptewa said.

Read tribal members’ statements about Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC’s practices in the Comments Section reacting strongly against a self-promoting puff piece written by Blue Stone’s founder, Chair, and former CEO  Jamie Fullmer of the Yavapai-Apache Nation as published by the Oneida Indian Nation in New York Representative Ray Halbritter’s Indian Country Media Today Network (ICTMN).


The project was initiated by NIGA Chairman Ernie Stevens Jr., who was inspired by his father, Ernest L. Stevens Sr., a member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin (Turtle Clan). Stevens Sr. is a nationally known Native American leader, historian, educator, orator, and a specialist in economic development – and he was the executive director of the American Indian Policy Review Commission.

While Stevens Jr. is reluctant to use the word “legacy” in reference to the Defining the Next Era project, clearly the work is an homage to his father.

“The book is part of my – I don’t want to say legacy – but it’s part of my responsibility to my dad and it’s a way to go beyond my responsibility as chairman of NIGA where I’m supporting and protecting the gaming industry. That’s a large part of my job, but also I believe it’s important to look beyond gaming,” Stevens Jr. said. “That’s kind of the path my father handed me.” …

Debbie Thundercloud, [NIGA’s Chief of Staff and] a former Oneida [Nation in Wisconsin] chairwoman who has researched the guide’s material, said the NIGA-Blue Stone team expects to complete the manuscript around the end of this year. “I’m so excited about getting our message out there and getting the tribes unified around economic diversification and taking a fresh look at it now that we’ve gone through this great growth spurt with Indian gaming,” Thundercloud said. “Now we have time to step back and say, okay, we have the opportunity to dream and to go to the next level, so where are we going to go with it? I know with each generation we’re going to learn how to do economic diversification better.”

Ernie Stevens Jr, – Chair & Spokesperson for the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) and Tribal Advisor to Blue Stone Strategy Group

Is NIGA Chair & Spokesperson and Blue Stone Strategy Group LLC’s Tribal Advisor Ernie Stevens Jr. prepared for Blue Stone’s legal fight with Nikishna Polequaptewa?


A former employee of a lobbying firm is accusing prominent leaders in Indian Country of accepting kickbacks.

Nikishna Polequaptewa once worked for Blue Stone Strategies, whose mission calls for “protecting tribal sovereignty” and “building strong economies.” He’s alleging that the firm did that by “improperly” paying tribal and Indian leaders of hopes of landing more lobbying contracts.

Alleged recipients include Ernie Stevens, the chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association [NIGA]; Brian Cladoosby, the president of the National Congress of American Indians [NCAI] and Swinomish Indian Tribal Community Chair; and Brian Patterson, the president of the United South and Eastern Tribes, according to a court filing reviewed by The Santa Fe New Mexican.


Gimme Five… to Ten?




Oneida Eye’s posts regarding Ernie Stevens Jr.’s adopted son, Oneida Business Committee member Brandon L. Yellowbird-Stevens –

Here’s what Ernie Stevens Jr.’s other son (Oneida Business Committee member Brandon Stevens’ half-brother), Ernie Stevens III, who was a Co-Producer of the film Crooked Arrows, had to say about Oneida Eye in August 2013 while he was still in a deferred prosecution agreement in Brown Co. Case No. 13CM1711 regarding a domestic violence incident involving the use of dangerous weapon (Oneida Police Dept. report):

Ernest Lloyd Stevens III – Team Oneida: Rez Patrol

Ernest Lloyd Stevens III – Team OSGC: Rez Patrol (guns & drinking while on diversion? hmm.)

Ernie Stevens Jr., WI Dept. of Tourism Sec. Stephanie Klett, and Ernie the Turd (riding his dad's coattails as usual)

Ernie Stevens Jr., WI Dept. of Tourism Sec. Stephanie Klett, and Ernie the Turd (riding his dad’s coattails as usual)

At the time of his implied threat against Oneida Eye’s admins and authors in 2013, Ernie Stevens III was employed as the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin’s Executive Specialist for Communications and then became the Executive Director for Native American Tourism of Wisconsin, but a July 29, 2015, post on NATOW’s Facebook page states that the “Executive Director of NATOW position is currently open.”

Did you notice that Ernie Stevens III is holding some kind of gun in the Facebook avatar alongside his implied threat of violence against the admins and authors of while saying that any enrolled members of the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin who are involved with keeping General Tribal Council informed via this website should be disenrolled and banned from the ONW Reservation for life, “for their own good?

Keeping it classy… Ernie Stevens-style!!!


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