Generation Clean Fuels LLC / GCF Loses Lawsuit To De Pere Investor Tina Fritsch Whose Husband Mike Fritsch’s Businesses Had The Same Address As Alliance Construction & Design LLC Which Is A Partner With Oneida Seven Generations Corp. In Oneida-Kodiak Construction LLC

Following oral arguments on April 4, 2014 a resolution was reached in Brown Co. Case No. 13CV1065, Tina Fritsch vs. Generation Clean Fuels, LLC, and on April 14, 2014 the Plaintiff was officially awarded a court judgment to have $245,000 of her investment returned to her by Generation Clean Fuels, LLC, having previously been reimbursed $5,000 of the $250k she was told would result in $3.75 million in returns & royalty payments over the next six years.

Previously David J. Wolf, resident of Jefferson Co. and owner of JWR, Inc., was also awarded a judgment to have his $250,000 investment (plus interest and any future royalty payments) reimbursed by Generation Clean Fuels, LLC (formerly known as Arland Clean Fuels, LLC).

As Oneida Eye has previously noted David J. Wolf’s JWR, Inc., is currently pursuing another lawsuit against Generation Clean Fuels, LLC, after it previously reached a joint stipulation and order for dismissal with prejudice in JWR, Inc.’s lawsuit against Alliance Construction & Design:

Interestingly, Tina Fritsch’s July 1, 2013 Complaint in 13CV1065 states the following on page 2:

4.   Prior to March 2012, representatives of the defendant [Arland/Generation Clean Fuels], including its president and CEO, Michael S. Flaherty, and Gaylen LaCrosse, began contacting Michael Fritsch, the plaintiff’s husband, and soliciting a potential investment in a project whereby the defendant would develop certain waste processing equipment (“the Machine”) which would produce raw oil from waste; these phone calls were all received by Mr. Fritsch in his office, which is located in De Pere, Brown County, Wisconsin.

5.   In addition to the phone contacts, representatives of the defendant also met with Mr. Fritsch in person several times in his office in De Pere, Wisconsin prior to March 12.

6.   On or about March 12, 2012, Mrs. Fritsch met with a representative of the defendant at her husband’s office in De Pere, Wisconsin and the parties executed a Royalty Agreement (“the Agreement”), whereby Mrs. Fritsch would provide the defendant with $250,000.00 to be used by the defendant to develop the Machine, in exchange for the return of her principal and royalty payments of $250,000.00 per year (i.e. $1,500,000.00) for a period of six (6) years.

Page 3 of Mrs. Fritsch’s complaint says:

10.   That the defendant has failed, and continues to fail, to provide any information regarding the invested funds to the plaintiff’s accountant, as required under the Agreement.

11.   Upon information and belief, the invested funds were not used for the acquisition and placement of the Machine, as required under the Agreement, and the defendant has not used reasonable efforts to acquire and place the machine.

As Oneida Eye has noted, Generation Clean Fuels claimed that it was supposed to be provided “the Machine” as built by P2O Technologies, LLC, (of which Todd Parczick and Mark Verhaagh of Alliance Construction & Design, LLC, are principals) but due to “a breach of the P2O Contract by P2O Technologies,” Generation Clean Fuels had no obligation to repay Fritsch on demand.

Further, we’ve noted that Generation Clean Fuels claimed that P2O Technologies’ machine was to be built with parts provided by David J. Wolf’s JWR, Inc., but Wolf was later accused by Generation Clean Fuels of “surreptitious repossession” of part or all of P2O Technologies’ machine after Wolf did not receive reimbursement for his investment as guaranteed by his agreement with Generation Clean Fuels.

And here’s where it gets weirder… and lists Alliance Construction & Design, LLC‘s principal office as 1030 Orlando Dr., De Pere, WI.

And lists Michael Fritsch’s businesses, Hometown Insulation, Inc., and the dissolved City Wide Masonry, Inc., as having their principal offices at… you guessed it: 1030 Orlando Dr., De Pere, WI.

That address is also listed on the websites for Mr. Fritsch’s businesses, and

On pages 21 & 23 of an Alliance Company Profile documentMike Fritsch is listed as Owner of City Wide Masonry and as a ‘Business Owner Reference,’ and David J. Wolf is listed as Owner of JWR, Inc. and as a ‘Subcontractor Reference.’

In fact, a company listed as a ‘Partnership’ in the Alliance Company Profile, NewWay Global Energy, Inc., states on its website that it was “Founded as a sister company of JWR, Inc.” NewWay’s website has a blog and it seems the last post was made on November 13, 2012, the day before Oneida Seven Generations Corp. & subsidiary Green Bay Renewable Energy filed a Summons and Complaint against the City of Green Bay in Brown Co. Case No. 12CV2263. shows that David J. Wolf is the Registered Agent of NewWay Global Energy.

So when Mr. Fritsch was receiving phone calls and visits from representatives of Arland/Generation Clean Fuels, and when Mrs. Fritsch later met with Arland/Generation Clean Fuels representatives before taking $250,000 out of a retirement fund (at a $25,000 loss), the Fritsch’s seem to have been meeting in the same facility housing Alliance Construction & Design, which was supposed to build Generation Clean Fuels’ “Machine” out of David J. Wolf’s JWR, Inc.’s parts and was a partner of David J. Wolf’s NewWay Global Energy. Alliance also is/was 49% percent owner of OSGC subsidiary Oneida-Kodiak Construction, LLC, of which now lists Sagestone Mgmt.’s Gene Keluche as being the Registered Agent, along with being the Registered Agent of OSGC subsidiaries Glory, LLC; North Packerland, LLC; Partnership Drive, LLC; and Oneida Generations, LLC.

How might Generation Clean Fuels losing investor lawsuits impact the discussions during the Special Business Committee Meeting regarding OSGC Litigation Strategy scheduled for Monday April 21, 2014, at 1 p.m., and will that meeting cover both the City of Green Bay’s appeal of the March 25, 2013 WI Court of Appeals reversal of Brown Co. Judge Marc Hammer’s decision against OSGC and their subsidiary Green Bay Renewable Energy along with Generation Clean Fuels, ACF Services & ACF Leasing’s $397.7 million lawsuit against OSGC, GBRE & the Oneida Tribe?

Might the BC also need to discuss how all of these interrelated events may be affecting Oneida Tribe members/officials/entities, and/or Oneida Casino high rollers, who might have taken the risk and been deprived the same way that Wolf and Fritsch were of their returns & royalty payments from Generation Clean Fuels’ ‘plastics-to-oil’ schemes based on P2O Technologies’ ‘Proof Of Concept’ machine made out of JWR, Inc.’s parts, and how to try to get their investments back without having to file public lawsuits against Generation Clean Fuels?

Your guess is as good as ours.



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