Oneida Seven Geneations Corp. Dissolution & General Tribal Council Meeting Updates [3 UPDATES: Oneida Business Committee Voted To Cancel April 6, 2014 GTC Meeting]

At the Sunday February 16, 2014 GTC Annual Meeting BC Chair Ed Delgado told a few attendees that he felt that there was a way to abide by General Tribal Council’s December 15, 2013 vote to dissolve Oneida Seven Generations Corporation in a way that would avert liabilities to the Oneida Tribe which were the basis of his December 17, 2013 Memorandum demanding that GTC meet on March 22, 2014 to “reconsider” its vote to dissolve OSGC.

The following is included in the minutes of the Wednesday February 12, 2014 Business Committee Regular Meeting:

XV.   Action in open session on items from Executive Session Discussion meeting from Feb. 11, 2014

A.    Reports

2.    Oneida Seven Generations Corporation report – Gene Keluche, agent 9 a.m. Feb 11

a.    Approve amendment to Wisconsin Bank & Trust loan agreement with Oneida Seven Generations Corporation

Motion by Patty Hoeft to table until the Business Committee can go back into executive session today to discuss this item again, seconded by David Jordan. Motion carried unanimously:

Ayes:   Melinda J. Danforth, Tina Danforth, Patty Hoeft, David Jordan, Paul Ninham, Brandon Stevens

Not present:   Vince DelaRosa, Ed Delgado

The BC minutes then state that the BC went into executive session at 11:42 a.m., came out of executive session at 12:08 p.m., recessed until 4 p.m., reconvened and went back into executive session at 4:08 p.m., and came out of executive session at 5:20 p.m., at which point the following happened:

Motion by Patty Hoeft to approve the creation of a single purpose leasing entity for the purpose of managing the commerical properties of the Tribe and that the agent report on progress, seconded by Brandon Stevens. Motion carried unanimously:

Ayes:   Melinda J. Danforth, Patty Hoeft, David Jordan, Paul Ninham, Brandon Stevens

Not present:   Tina Danforth, Vinca DelaRosa, Ed Delgado

Motion by Patty Hoeft to approve the addendum dated Feb. 11 for Sagestone Management, seconded by Paul Ninham. Motion carried with two abstentions:

Ayes:   Patty Hoeft, Paul Ninham, Brandon Stevens

Abstained:   Melinda J. Danforth, David Jordan

Not present:   Tina Danforth, Vince DelaRosa, Ed Delgado

For the record:   Melinda J. Danforth stated I am abstaining becuase was pushing to require some benchmarks within the contract and just I’m not comfortable moving forward in that manner without those things at that point. I know we’ll get it but we’re approving the addendum so it should come now, not later.

Motion by Patty Hoeft to defer action to the request for forbearance letter for [Wisconsin Bank] and Trust, seconded by David Jordan. Motion carried unanimously:

Ayes:   Melinda J. Danforth, Patty Hoeft, David Jordan, Paul Ninham, Brandon Stevens

Not present:   Tina Danforth, Vince DelaRosa, Ed Delgado

Approval of the February 12, 2014 BC Regular Meeting Minutes are on the agenda for the Wednesday February 26, 2014 BC Regular Meeting, and the BC Meeting Packet posted on the Tribe’s website also contains the following Memorandum and Travel Request by BC Chair Ed Delgado:

Delgado’s Memo states:

I will be on vacation from March 3rd to 11th in Phoenix, Arizona. During that time I am requesting a rental car for one day to meet with petitioner Frank Cornelius who currently resides in Yuma, Az. which is 181 miles from Phoenix, Az. I am going to update Mr. Cornelius on the progress of the dissolution on Seven Generations.


UPDATE 1: Speaking of Ed Delgado and driving:


The February 26, 2014 BC Regular Meeting Packet also includes the following Memorandum by Tribal Secretary Patty Hoeft, along with a BC Meeting Agenda Request Form and a draft Agenda for the April 6, 2014 GTC Meeting:

Sec. Hoeft’s Memo states:

Situation: Pending business for GTC consideration – 6 petitions, 2 referendum questions and 1 BC initiative. 2 of 6 petitions may be addressed at or after July semi-annual meeting.

1. Retro-approve e-poll to cancel March 22 date. The Tribal Chairman asked to delay his call for a special GTC meeting to reconsider action adopted at a special GTC meeting Dec. 15, 2013 to dissolve the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation. Chairman Delgado called for the [March 22] special meeting but decided Feb. 12 to pull his request to allow more time to evaluate the proposed dissolution plan being created by the new OSGC agent [Gene Keluche / Sagestone Mgmt.] that may provide a way to comply with the GTC directive without creating liabilities to the Tribe E-poll 2-19014 results: Greg Matson, Patty Hoeft, Vince DelaRosa Brandon Stevens, Paul Ninham, David Jordan, yes; Tina Danforth, Melinda J. Danforth, Ed Delgado, not voting.

2. Set agenda to call a special GTC meeting for 1 p.m. Sunday, April 6, 2014  (See attached agenda) Upon approval of this agenda pending business remaining will include 4 petitions[.]

The Draft Agenda for the the April 6, 2014 GTC Special Meeting contains the following items:

A.   2012 referendum question: When a thorough audit is completed, should this Audit Committee include any names of individuals, amounts of missing monies, etc., be included in each audit report? July 7, 2012 special election 320 yes, 127 no

B. Petitioner Linda Dallas: Require Tribe to pay real estate taxes for all Tribe-owned property – Petition submitted March 4, 2013

C. 2013 referendum question:  Should the land use plan be brought before GTC for approval to be changed or reversed? July 6, 2013 special election 239 yes, 81 no

D. Petitioner Madelyn Genskow: To review and consider the attached resolutions. In the even that public hearings are a requirement, we direct the Business Committee to hold the required public hearings and bring these resolutions to the GTC intact – Petition submitted July 10, 2013

1. Resolution no. 1: Now therefore be it resolved the name and home address of people who sign petitions will not be published in the General Tribal Council meeting mail outs

2. Resolution no. 2: Now therefore be it resolved – presenters who sumbitted petitions may respond to questions and comments from the floor at GTC meetings

E. General Tribal Council Meetings Law–Councilman David Jordan  To create a schedule of GTC meeting dates, set a general agenda for the meetings, outline the petition process, set standards of conduct for those attending meetings, outline the duties of those preparing and assisting with the meetings


UPDATE 2: Given that GTC supported Madelyn Genskow’s motion at the February 16, 2014 GTC Annual Meeting to bring GTC Meeting Minutes to GTC for approval in a timely manner, why aren’t the minutes from the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting on the April 6, 2014 GTC Special Meeting draft agenda?

UPDATE 3: Tribal Secretary Patty Hoeft has confirmed that the BC voted at their February 26, 2014 Regular Meeting to cancel the April 6, 2014 Special GTC Meeting.


Oh, yes. We almost forgot this from the Wednesday February 26, 2014 BC Regular Meeting Packet:

I, David P. Jordan, Councilman, of the Oneida Business Committee, do hereby state that I have reviewed any and all stocks, investments owned by me, and my financial activities and found that I have no investment, financial stake, contract with or am receiving a payment from any business or corporation owned by the Tribe. Further, I am not receiving any stipend or payment of any kind from any business or corporation owned by the Tribe, nor have I offered services of any kind to any business or corporation owned by the Tribe.

I understand that an investment is defined as holding any shares or other types of stocks in a business entity of any type.

I understand that financial activity is defined as any exchange of financial committment whether in the form of a loan or guarantee of any type other than the business loan with BayBank GB entered into on August 31, 2007 which occured prior to my election to the Oneida Business Committee.

I understand that contract is any agreement that involves the offer of goods or services in exchange for remuneration not generally offered to the public in the normal course of business and at prices normally offered to the public in the normal course of business.

I understand that stipend or payment is any goods, services, or financial payments by the business or corporation to me for services offered to business.

I, David P. Jordan, Coucilman, of the Oneida Business Committee, do hereby state that I have received no payments from a business or corporation from the Tribe for any reason not included in the list above.


If only all of the members of the Oneida Business Committee displayed such welcome candor. Pray tell, what motivated you, Fleet?


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