Bruce King & Oneida Seven Generations Corp. vs. Oneida Business Committee: OSGC CFO & Green Bay Renewable Energy Vice-President / Treasurer Tries To Usurp General Tribal Council; FAIL!

Lawsuits are very interesting.

On December 23, 2013 Petitioner filed a motion for a Preliminary Injunction alleging his due process was denied by his removal from the Oneida Seven Generations Corp (OSGC) in direct result of the action by the General Tribal Council on December 15, 2013 “…To direct the OBC to dissolve the OSGC based on the Law Office’s finding that OSGC’s Corporate Charter identifies the shareholders (i.e. the Tribe) as represented by the Business Committee, can dissolve the Corporation,” and for the potential harm that could be imposed not only upon the OSGC and its employees as well as the reputation and credibility of the Oneida Tribe and its ability to do business with commercial entities outside the reservation and the Oneida Tribe itself.

On December 23, 2013 a deliberation was held. Before the Court discussed Petitioner’s motion we had to decide if this Court has jurisdiction to adjudicate his complaint. In order to address Petitioner’s complaint, there are five (5) questions listed on the Original Complaint form that are designed to assist with identifying the issues. The Court found and ordered that Petitioner shall have five (5) days to perfect his filing and provide any supporting documentation that will assist the Court with his motion.

Decision: The Petitioner has until December 30, 2013 to perfect his filing.


On December 31 Petitioner filed a Motion for and Notice of Dismissal of the Request for an Injunction. Petitioner requests that the Court accepts his voluntary dismissal pursuant to Rule 14(A), the party making the claim may file a notice of dismissal and that a perfected document is no longer necessary.

Decision: The Court accepts Petitioner’s motion to voluntary [sic] dismiss the case.


The statement “we had to decide if this Court has jurisdiction to adjudicate his complaint” does not seem to have been addressed.

Where was Bruce King’s supposed concern for the “reputation and credibility of the Oneida Tribe” when former OSGC Project Manager Pete King III and former OSGC CEO Kevin Cornelius were lying to the Tribe, the public and Green Bay officials about OSGC waste incinerator proposals which resulted in OSGC suing the City of Green Bay and appealing their much-deserved defeat in Brown County Court?

It’s odd that General Tribal Council members were told by Tribal Chair Ed Delgado that former OSGC CFO & CEO Bruce King had resigned prior to the December 9, 2013 Community Discussion yet Bruce King’s filing claims that he was removed due to GTC’s vote at the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting.

It’s strange how all three Appeals Commissioners assigned to the case just happened to be available on New Year’s Eve to sign the Decision to dismiss. Maybe they weren’t invited to anyone’s parties.

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UPDATE: Here is a copy of original filing of Docket no. 13-TC-132 wherein the Petitioner is listed as OSGC and the Attorney for the Petitioner is listed as Sharon House.

The original Motion, which is rife with spelling & grammatical errors, was faxed from a Holiday Inn Express in Vermillion, South Dakota. The Petitioner’s signature on the submission form is OSGC Accountant/Administrative Asst. Becky Demmith signing for Bruce King.

This filing explains why Sharon House attended the January 4, 2014 ‘Saturday Mornings with the BC’ where she unconvincingly tried to make the same claims as in the Motion: that OSGC Board members were somehow denied due process; that OSGC wasn’t allowed to make a presentation to GTC.

Yet on the same day this motion was filed Oneida Eye posted video from the November 13, 2013 BC Regular Meeting wherein Tribal Secretary Patty Hoeft stated:

I understand that 7 Gens is not expecting to present at this meeting. After talking with Nate King, um, our last shareholder’s meeting, uh, was intended to say that this is our issue to defend, not theirs.

So who’s lying? Sec. Hoeft or Bruce King & Sharon House?

On what basis could Bruce King have filed on December 23, 2013 as a representative of OSGC if – as Tribal Chair Ed Delgado stated at the December 9, 2013 Community Discussion – Bruce King had resigned from OSGC prior to December 9?

Funnily enough, If the Appeals Commission had agreed to proceed with the case then any GTC Member could have filed a ‘friend of the court’ brief requesting information about OSGC which they have refused to provide the BC.

OSGC’s filing against the BC demonstrates the desperation, arrogance and ignorance of OSGC, Bruce King, and Sharon House.

Speaking of ignorance, Oneida Eye has been informed that Racquel ‘Rockhead’ Hill filed a similar motion for injuction against the BC which was also dismissed by the Appeals Commission. We will post documents as we obtain them.

Rockhead Hill is the Executive Assistant to Tribal Legislative Affairs Director and former OSGC Board member Nathan King, who is the nephew of Bruce King. As Oneida Eye previously reported, Tribal members witnessed BC member & OSGC Liaison Brandon Stevens’ Executive Assistant, Rhiannon ‘R.C.’ Metoxen, in the Tribal Secretary’s office during work hours assisting with Loretta Metoxen’s petition to undermine GTC’s vote to dissolve OSGC. Loretta Metoxen is Rocky Hill’s aunt and Loretta’s stepson is former OSGC Board member Mike Metoxen. Rhiannon Metoxen’s mother happens to be none other than OSGC Attorney Sharon House.

A complaint about Norbert Hill Center staff misusing work time and office resources to facilitate Loretta Metoxen’s petition is expected to be filed soon by one of the witnesses.

In these comments on BC member Melinda Danforth’s Facebook account Melinda’s Executive Asst. Lisa Summers, Rocky Hill, Brandon Stevens, Ernie Stevens III, and others bemoan the self-defensive action GTC took against the BC & OSGC and pledge their support for Loretta Metoxen’s petition to undermine GTC’s vote to dissolve OSGC, as well as advocate filing motions with the Appeals Commission:


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