Oneida Seven Generations Corp. Dissolution Update [UPDATED]

Here are some highlights from the January 4, 2014 ‘Saturday Morning With The BC’ meeting regarding the dissolution of Oneida Seven Generations Corporation:

No explanations were offered for the sudden resignations of OSGC President & Board Chair William Cornelius, CEO & CFO Bruce King, or Board member Nathan King following Nate’s statement to Tribal Secretary Patty Hoeft at a Shareholder’s Meeting that OSGC refused to make a presentation at the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting and instead expected the BC to make a presentation defending OSGC.

According to Tribal Chair Ed Delgado, many people/companies were asked to oversee the dissolution of OSGC but only a few were interested.

Ed Delgado also said that Sagestone Management, LLC’s and Gene Keluche‘s fees/salary package for overseeing the dissolution of OSGC will be disclosed at the Wednesday January 8, 2014 Business Committee Regular Meeting. (Rumors are it may be as high as $15,000/week but Oneida Eye has no verification for that figure.)

Ed said that neither Gene Keluche nor Sagestone Management, LLC, has any affiliation with, and didn’t know if Sagestone Mgmt. had its own website.

Delgado added that the OSGC Board was entirely dissolved when the Business Committee named Gene Keluche/Sagestone Mgmt. the “Agent” overseeing the dissolution of OSGC.

One question is whether Tribal Treasurer Tina Danforth will properly maintain her recusal from discussions and votes regarding a corporation of which her sister’s actions as Board Chair and member will be under review.

The same goes for Tribal Vice-Chair Greg Matson who, to our knowledge, has never taken the professional and ethical step of recusing himself from matters involving OSGC despite the fact his sister-in-law, Caterina Delgado, has been OSGC Board Chair and member.

Ed stated that Chief Counsel Jo Anne House was seeking to bring in an attorney to address corporate law aspects of the dissolution of OSGC.

A representative from the Tribal Secretary’s office said that the BC is tentatively looking at Friday January 31, 2014 as the earliest date the Annual GTC Meeting might be rescheduled to, and that the BC is also looking at combining the Tribal Chair’s call for a Special GTC Meeting to reconsider the GTC’s vote to dissolve OSGC with the petition filed for the same purpose by Loretta Metoxen into one GTC meeting yet to be scheduled.

Also, a quick comparison of the handwriting of her own name by Rhiannon ‘R.C.’ Cornelius-Metoxen as the first person listed on page 9 of Loretta Metoxen’s petition shows that Rhiannon, who is the Executive Assistant to BC Member & OSGC Liaison Brandon Stevens, handwrote the ‘Purpose’ field of Loretta’s petition.

As Oneida Eye reported, Rhiannon was observed by witnesses organizing Loretta’s petition in the Tribal Secretary’s office at the Norbert Hill Center during work hours and the chronology of names on the petition itself suggests that signatures were gathered at the Skenandoah Complex during work hours as well. Whether gathering signatures in Tribal buildings during work hours is permissable – especially when the gatherer is on the clock – has not been confirmed by the Tribal Secretary’s office.

UPDATE: Oneida Eye has learned that, in addition to having been Director of the Native American Bank (which the GTC voted against buying more shares of), Gene Keluche is also an actor who appeared in the 2008 film ‘Little Bear and the Master‘ playing the role of ‘Old Bear’:


The movie seems to be an expression of Gene & Freita Keluche’s efforts to try to combine Native American traditions with Chinese traditions, as exemplified by their 501 (c) 3 website, which says this about Mr. & Mrs. Keluche’s work:

Freita Fuller Keluche, Ph.D. is a co-founder of the Ancient Ways of Knowing Foundation, a Colorado Springs based 501(C) 3 dedicated to the exploration and rediscovery of ancient knowledge, and promoting health and wellness in Native American communities.

Dr. Keluche sponsored and facilitated an 8-day gathering in September 1998 between 8 Chinese masters of the healing arts and 14 Native American elders and healers, representing 11 different tribes. The purpose of the gathering was to share philosophies, healing practices, and rituals associated with health and wellness.

Six months later, a follow up gathering brought together a Bantu medicine man and his peers from Native American and Chinese cultures to continue the dialogue. The result of these two gatherings suggested a profound interconnect-edness between the traditional healers of these three indigenous cultures and their focus on the wholeness of spirit which contributes to the health and wellness of an individual.

Exactly where Gene Keluche’s work with genetically modified corn and other poaching perversions of heirloom seed stocks, as well as his work with high-tech methods to enourage tribal biomass incineration, fits into the whole Native/Chinese/Bantu ‘ancient ways of knowing’ philosophy of ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ isn’t explained.

Perhaps it’s a magical mystery, or an ‘ancient Chinese secret.’

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