Out With The Old, In With The Old

Here is a copy of the Business Commitee Regular Meeting minutes from December 11, 2013 which show that – despite the fact that the Oneida elders’ holiday party was cancelled due to an Emergency Cost Containment Resolution which “Eliminates all travel except for government and legislative officials traveling for governmental/legislative business” – the BC still found enough money to pay for Tribal Chairperson Ed Delgado to travel to a holiday party at the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion in Madison and to pay for BC member and OSGC Liaison Brandon Stevens to travel to Washington D.C. for a holiday party at the White House:

What “governmental/legislative business” did Ed & Brandon conduct at holiday parties? Maybe they sat on Santa’s lap and asked to be re-elected. (‘Ho-ho-ho! No.’)

Anyway, too bad, Oneida elders! Your holiday party means less to the BC than their ability to party with the powerful. You’ll just have to act better next year and maybe Santa will give you more than an empty stocking.

Wasn’t it Brandon Stevens who asked why the families of Oneida Code Talkers didn’t hold a fundraiser to pay for their travel costs to attend the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony bestowing historic medals in honor of the Code Talkers’ service after the dishonorable negligence of ONVAC Chair Loretta Metoxen and the BC almost caused the families to miss their opportunity to attend?

Perhaps the BC should have been required to hold a fundraiser to pay to send Stool Delgado and Ham/Burglar Brandon Stevens to fancy parties instead of denying Oneida seniors their holiday event.

As Oneida Eye noted yesterday in an update to our post ‘BC X-mas Eve Stocking Stuffer: OSGC Gets Sage Stoned’ (or is it ‘Sagestoned’? Hard to tell since Sage stone/Sagestone Mgmt., LLC, as linked to Gene Keluche doesn’t even seem to have a website. Hmm.), Business Committee Resolution 12-24-13-A has been posted to the Oneida Tribe’s website:

The BC met at 4:00 p.m. yesterday, Monday December 30, 2013, to approve the changes to OSGC’s Corporate Charter in an ongoing effort to attempt to dissuade General Tribal Council from reaffirming its December 15, 2013 vote to dissolve Tribally-chartered OSGC. Oneida Eye will report the results.

Regardling the lingering flatulence which is Tribal Treasurer Tina Danforth’s ‘Treasurer’s Report’ column on page 6B in the December 26, 2013 Kalihwisaks, it must be pointed out how laughable it is for her to claim that her sister, Cathy Delgado, being on the OSGC Board of Directors only became a conflict of interest for Tina when her sister became OSGC Board Chair, and so now Tina will finally recuse herself as a BC member from discussing and voting on all OSGC-related matters as she should have done all along as soon as her sister joined the OSGC Board, and which Vice-Chair Greg Matson should also have done – and should do – given that Cathy Delgado is the sister of Greg’s wife, Victoria Matson.

The other notables are that Tina gives no basis for her odd claim that “The OSGC Board must be intact to dissolve the corporation.” First, where does it say that in the OSGC Charter? Second, who would want to join the Board of a corporation whose executives and board members may have engaged in illegal activities and are in the midst of a losing legal battle against the City of Green Bay? Third, who would be so desperate as to remain on the board of such a corporation?

Tina also claims, “During our work, the [dissolution] petitioner [Frank Cornelius] has made it clear that he expects to be compensated for his time.

In fact, Frank Cornelius told the BC that he wouldn’t need to travel to Oneida for every meeting regarding the dissolution – not reform or reinvention – of OSGC if he could select other GTC members to attend the meetings in his place, thus eliminating the travel costs that Tina Danforth deviously conflates into somehow being a salary demand. Will the BC allow that cost-saving measure?

What Tina Danforth utterly fails to acknowledge or attempt to account for is why absolutely no one from OSGC addressed GTC at the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting even though the OSGC Board was given every opportunity to do so but, as Tribal Sec. Patty Hoeft stated at the November 13, 2013 BC Regular Meeting, OSGC REFUSED TO MAKE ANY PRESENTATION ON ITS OWN BEHALF AND INSISTED THAT THE BC MAKE A PRESENTATION TO DEFEND OSGC INSTEAD.

Of course, shortly after OSGC Board member Nathan King told the BC that OSGC refused to make a presentation on its own behalf to GTC, he resigned along with his uncle, OSGC CEO & CFO Bruce King, as did OSGC President & Board Chair Bill Cornelius.

So why didn’t OSGC make a presentation at the December 15, 2013 GTC Meeting? Embarrassment?

Why didn’t BC Member and OSGC Liaison Brandon Stevens make a presentation on OSGC’s behalf? Maybe Brandon still tuckered out from partying at the White House on the Tribe’s dime on December 13, 2013.

Lastly, what exactly are Gene Keluche’s and Sage Stone/Sagestone Mgmt’s experience when it comes to corporate dissolution, and doesn’t GTC have a right to know what travel, hotel, stipend and salary costs that Tina Danforth’s friend – and former colleague at the Native American Bank – Gene Keluche expects to be paid by the Oneida Tribe?

Based on the BC Resolution to ‘reorganize’ OSGC, as well as comments that Ed Delgado and Tina Danforth have made, it seems obvious that the Business Committee’s translation of what they were directed to do by General Tribal Council boils down to the notion: ‘Out with the old! In with the new old!

On the top of the third page of the BC’s ‘OSGC Reorganization’ resolution it says:

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Agent [Gene Keluche/Sagestone Mgmt.] shall send weekly confidential reports to the Secretery of the Oneida Business Committee who shall disperse such reports to the members of the Oneida Business Committee and that such reports will remain confidential and not subject to release.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Agent shall send weekly public reports to the Secretery of the Oneida Business Committee who shall disperse such reports to the members of the Oneida Business Committee and Frank Cornelius which shall be placed in a public location as designated by the Secretary.

The resolution also claims that “dissolution…may take up to or exceed 10-12 months[.]”

In other words, the BC expects GTC to give them another year of two-tier secretive reporting issued by a guy whose credentials have in no way been established to GTC as being up to the job that GTC assigned the BC – to dissolve OSGC. Oh, but the BC promises GTC they will have a plan for greater ‘corporate transparency’… in six months. Good grief.

Apparently the BC will have be told once again by GTC (maybe more than once if both Ed’s call for an Emergency GTC Meeting and Loretta Metoxen’s petition to undermine GTC are scheduled as separate GTC Meetings) that GTC isn’t going to play Charlie Brown to BC Van Pelt’s antics with the OSGC ‘corporate transparency’ football anymore.


Forget the ‘football,’ OBC.

GTC may have to just kick you out of office.


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