BC X-mas Eve Stocking Stuffer: Oneida Seven Generations Corp. Gets Sage Stoned [UPDATE]

For Immediate Release:
December 24, 2013

Today the Oneida Business Committee took action to modify the corporate charter of the Oneida Seven Generation Corporation. The modification resulted in the appointment of an Agent. Sage Stone Management, LLC is appointed as agent and shall remain in office until such time as the dissolution of the corporation has been completed or amendments to the corporate charter are made.

Sage Stone Management LLC, under Gene Keluche, will devote the necessary time to the corporation to stabilize the corporate relationships between all clientele and partners. In addition, he will review the corporate structure and prepare and report recommendations to the Oneida Business Committee as agreed. The Oneida Business Committee will receive weekly reports from the agent.

Chairman Delgado comments, “We have a commitment to act in the best interest of the Tribe and to carry out the directives of our General Tribal Council. I believe our action today will lead us to a stronger and more responsible manner of conducting business. The corporate board of the Oneida Seven Generation Corporation brought their entity many successful business partnerships, but at this time we need to assess our future and move in a different direction.”

Chairman Delgado has called for another General Tribal Council to review the action taken on December 15th, to dissolve the Oneida Seven Generation Corporation. That meeting date has not been determined at this time.

Due to the late distribution of this release today, there will not be a spokesperson available for comments.

BC Resolution 12-24-13-A Reorganization of OSGC

Gene & Freita Keluche

Gene & Freita Keluche

We do know that Gene Keluche is an octogenarian member of the Wintun Tribe and that he started “Agrigenetics Corp., an agricultural genetic research firm which eventually grossed over $100 million in revenue and which Keluche sold to Lubrizol Corporation in 1986.” Agrigenetics Corp. is now doing business as Mycogen Seeds and is involved in producing several varieties of genetically modified seeds, including GMO soybeans and GMO corn, a pervasive threat to organic heirloom seed stock.

According to a profile on AncientWays.org, “He was first invited to become involved in Indian affairs by Mr. Paul Ortega, a Mescalero Medicine Man, who was working with the California Inter-Tribal Council in economic development. At that time the Executive Director of the council was Mr. Earnest [sic] Stevens, Sr., a member of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin.

The profile also says, “Keluche formed Native Communities Development Corporation (“NCDC”)” which “formed a remote sensing and mapping division (NCDC Imaging)” and it appears that the technology is being used to promote biomass incineration to Tribes: Biomass Energy Workshop (see NCDC’s presentation on that page titled, ‘Biomass Resource Assessment System’).

According to the website of the Colorado Secretary of State, Gene Keluche became the Registered Agent of NCDC on June 30, 2011, then NCDC was dissolved on October 13, 2011, and then on September 24, 2013 Native Communities Development, LLC, was established with Keluche as the Registered Agent.

Keluche was also at one point, “a Director of the Native American Bank, N.A., Denver, CO,” of which Tribal Treasurer Tina Danforth is currently a member in addition to being Chair of the Board of Directors of the Native American Bancorporation Co. of which the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin is a shareholder.

Is ‘Sage Stone Management, LLC‘ related to Sage Stone, LLC?

Among the clients Sage Stone, LLC, lists is Enbridge Inc.

So at least OSGC wouldn’t be their only client with zero credibility if the companies are somehow connected.

Sage Stone, LLC, lists among their services:


For companies or Funds seeking to divest projects we have a pipeline of potential buyers. We will assist in:

    • Valuation
    • Preparation of sales materials including Confidential Offering Memoranda
    • Organization of due diligence
    • Sourcing of potential buyers
    • Negotiation of terms
    • Post transaction advisoryInvestment Advisory

Is Sage Stone, LLC’s job to try to find other suckers to buy OSGC’s energy ‘assets’?

NOTE: Tribal Chair Delgado has stated that Gene Keluche is not affiliated with Sage Stone, LLC.]

The only other LLC that seems to be a candidate is ‘Sagestone Management, LLC,’ of Colorado which Keluche reserved as a name on April 17, 2007, the same day that he reserved the name Sagestone Spas, LLC. The reservation for the name ‘Sagestone Management, LLC,’ expired on August 15, 2007 but the company was finally registered on June 26, 2009 and they filed their latest Periodic Report on August 27, 2013.

Keluche’s experience in property development & management is documented and he’s owned companies related to the energy/incineration sector (GMO biomass & biomass aerial monitoring technology), but if he’s not connected to ‘Sage Stone, LLC,’ then what’s the plan for handling the Oneida Tribe’s divestment of incineration ‘assets,’ if it is still the plan of the Oneida Tribe to try to sell to other tribes or people a technology that GTC not just rejected outright but was a factor in GTC voting to dissolve OSGC?

Perhaps ‘Sagestone Management, LLC,’ and ‘Sage Stone, LLC,’ are entirely unrelated. Leave it to Bobbi Webster & the Oneida PR team to not be able to get the name of the company right that the BC wants to run OSGC given that they left the ‘s’ off of ‘Oneida Seven Generations Corporation’ four times in their own Press Release!

In any case, according to the December 17, 2003 OBC Meeting Minutes, Gene Keluche was administered the Oath of Office as a member of the Power Plant Business Development Board along with Scott Dacey, Francis Skenandore and Joanie Buckley.

According to the January 26, 2005 OBC Meeting Minutes, Gene Keluche was administered the Oath of Office as a member of the Oneida Enterprise Development Authority (OEDA) along with Scott Dacey and Joanie Buckley.

According to the December 10, 2008 OBC Meeting Minutes, there was a unanimously passed motion on October 29, 2008 to “approve reformalizing the New York Development team to include Vice Chairwoman Kathy Hughes, Treasurer Tina Danforth, board member Gene Keluche, Francis Skeandore [sic], and the Oneida Law Office and that the team convene as soon as possible to report back to the BC noting a special meeting may be required.

In those same December 10, 2008 minutes regarding the OEDA report there was a unanimously passed motion  “to approve the invoice submitted from OEDA regarding Power Plant Entertainment for the pre-development phase of the proposed New York casino of $15,885[.]”

So the ‘Power Plant Business Development Board’ would seem to be connected to ‘Power Plant Entertainment, LLC,’ which according to Businessweek,develops and manages real estate properties. The company has developed two Seminole Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos in Tampa and Hollywood. The company, formerly known as CWF Development Fund LLC was founded in 2000 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company operates as a subsidiary of The Cordish Company.

How did those Tribal ventures & investments that Gene Keluche was involved in overseeing fare for the benefit of General Tribal Council?


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