Tribe Robbers & Saboteurs? [UPDATE]

After some research, Oneida Eye has now concluded there could be a grain of truth to the claims by Vice-Chair Greg Matson that there are people committing espionage and sabotage on the Oneida Reservation.

Our findings indicate that the question, ‘Is Hobart funding Oneida Eye?,’ is just a red herring and that there’s another question that needs to be asked and answered.

Namely: Who is funding Hobart?

The answer seems to be a group of people working in the Land Management Office and perhaps members of the Land Commission.

Thanks to their activities over the past few years, the Oneida Tribe had to pay around $1,000,000 in taxes to Hobart and other townships.

Who in the Land Office and on the Land Commission could be secretly working to enrich Hobart?

Did former Land Management Division Director Fred Muscavitch and Atty. Becky Webster intentionally file a faulty application with the BIA in order to fail to gain Trust status for 3,000 acres thereby purposefully ‘losing’ the Tribe nearly one million dollars that went to fund Hobart and other towns?

Does that explain why Fred Muscavitch mysteriously resigned? His work for Hobart was done? How much would Hobart have paid him and Atty. Webster to possibly betray the Tribe and throw the application?

Does this explain why Racquel ‘Rocky’ Hill and Corinna Charles didn’t run for re-election to the Land Commission?

Is Land Commissioner Amelia Cornelius the leader of a devious plot to funnel Tribal funds to Hobart?

It’s actually been suggested that Amelia was recently caught trying to spend more money for Hobart land even after the BC voted to suspend all land purchases!

Is Brian Doxtator’s attack removal petition against Chairperson Ed Delgado a distraction to provide cover for possible saboteurs doing espionage against the Oneida Tribe from their lairs in the Land Management offices and Land Commission meeting room?

Someone recently suggested on Elaine Reed-Doxtator’s Facebook chat page that Oneidas should work together rather than engage in infighting over silly things and was met with this reaction by Brian Doxtator:

what? and jeopardize our $100 gtc stipend and $1,200 per capita payment? …this is 2013, not the 1800’s. what are u thinking?

Brian Doxtator: Con-man working for Tribal treason?

Brian Doxtator: Con-man working for Tribal treason?

Yet isn’t that exactly what someone who might be secretly working for the possible pro-Hobart terror spies who could operate in the Tribe would probably say to try to cover his own tracks?

Brian has gone on the record saying that Council member Melinda Danforth should be the next Tribal Chairperson, but it was Melinda’s Executive Assistant Lisa Summers who brought the request directly to the Business Committee to ask General Tribal Council to forgo their stipend, and it was none other Brian Doxtator who in recent years filed an injunction against raising GTC’s per capita.

The saboteurs might have rooted themselves in the Tribal government, just as the Vice-Chair feared! And now, Brian may be trying to pave the way for the coronation of corruption!

Why might Brian Doxtator have been willing to attack Chairperson Delgado with silly charges on behalf of the possible financial terrorists who could be working in the Land Office/Commission rather than go after them with equal vigor over their tax payout and their causing Tribal members’ land to be denied Trust status, literally pulling money out of members’ purses and wallets via taxes they must now pay to Hobart?

You can bet your bippy that Brian’s dirty deeds weren’t done dirt cheap (nor for free)!

Brian Doxtator desperately needed the possibly corrupted Land Commission’s approval for a zoning variance so he can continue to operate his financial services business, Owista Oneida Taxes, from his residence at 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI, which he’s been doing illegally for at least a decade.

The pro-Hobart forces who may have infiltrated the Land Office & Commission are perhaps Brian’s paymasters and the zoning variance they gifted him on Monday August 12, 2013 was possibly just part of his pay off.

Does that explain why Brian illegally leased space in his residence to Joanie Buckley’s Strateglobe, LLC? So they could infiltrate other Tribes with schemes to undermine finances and funnel money to surrounding municipalities?

What else, other than a major concussion (or a deep-seated hatred for honor, charity & justice), could possibly explain Brian Doxtator’s attack on the Chairperson rather than against the people who might have devised a plan for ‘losing’ Tribal money to Hobart thereby jeopardizing GTC stipends and per capita?

Of course, we can foresee the possibility that Atty. Becky Webster and the Land Department & Commission might try to claim that they wound up having to give away a million Tribal dollars or so to Hobart and other towns out of sheer incompetence. Pshaw, a likely story!

Vice-Chairperson Matson: Oneida Eye calls on you to use your shrewd mind to investigate whether Brian Doxtator is secretly working for turmoil creating, Hobart loving, Oneida hating, Tribe robbing saboteurs who may have surreptitiously taken over the Land Management Department and the Land Commission, as well as Manchurian Candidates who might be on the Business Committee. Perhaps Atty. Becky Webster should be suspended while her role in this debacle is investigated. Godspeed, you valiant soul!

[UPDATE: To quote a good friend, “And the hits just keep on coming!” Oneida Tribe says it overpaid property taxes by $1 million]

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