This Is Tribal Business [Strateglobe, LLC]

Strateglobe, LLC, was registered by the Oneida Tribe’s Internal Services Division Director, Joanie Buckley, in St. Louis, MO on April 30, 2001, and Strateglobe’s website lists Ms. Buckley as a Principal of the company.

Strateglobe, LLC’s website lists two addresses:

  • Home Office: 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI 54155, Cell: (920) 606-5919, Phone: (800) 774-1180, Email:
  • Floridia [sic] Office: 419 Ocean Ave. Melbourne Beach, FL 32951, Cell: (561) 707-2177, Phone: (800) 774-1180,

Strateglobe, LLC, was also registered as a Foreign LLC in Wisconsin on January 29, 2007. Its registered agent in Wisconsin is again listed as Joanie Buckley at the 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI address, and its principal office is listed as that same address.

Strateglobe, LLC, filed an intent to revoke its registration in the State of Wisconsin on August 16, 2010, and again on August 22, 2011. The revocation of its certificate of authority in Wisconsin occurred on October 26, 2011.

Strangely enough, 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI also happens to be the business address of Brian Doxtator’s Owista Oneida Taxes as well as his place of residence.

The June 2008 edition of the Oneida Times contains an article which states:

A contract for $575,000.00 to Joanie Buckley, employee of Seven Generations, to design a wage compensation plan for management was signed by Deborah ThunderCloud, General Manager, Kathy Hughes, Vice-Chair, and Mercie Danforth, Treasurer. The rest of the BC was not informed about the contract, and it appears that the contract is unnecessary and that [Strateglobe] does not have the expertise in this area that would require this exorbitant sum.
[Strateglobe] lists its mailing address at the home of Brian Doxtator, HRD Ass., at 112 Riverdale Drive in Oneida. Doxtator says, “I am not involved with [Strateglobe] and ‘they’…are no longer here.” Did Doxtator allow [Strateglobe] to use his address to avoid taxes because Oneida Business on the rez are tax exempt?

But if Strateglobe, LLC, was no longer located in the same house as Brian Doxtator’s Owista Oneida Taxes and place of residence at 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI as of June 2008, why was the address never updated with the Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institutions nor on Strateglobe’s own website to this very day?

And stranger still, why would Joanie Buckley’s place of residence be listed as being Brian Doxtator’s 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI place of residence/business regarding an Ozaukee County Traffic Forfeiture Case (2012TR1313) which was filed just last year on April 23, 2012?

Did Joanie Buckley ever reside at 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI with Brian Doxtator? If not, why did her driver’s license list that address?

Why would Brian Doxtator claim in June 2008 that Strateglobe, LLC, was no longer located at his residence/business if the company was still registered at his address after June 2008 and Joanie Buckley represented to the State of Wisconsin as late as April 2012 that it was the residence properly associated with her driver’s license?

Is Joanie Buckley still making false representation to the State of Wisconsin that she resides at 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI?

Strateglobe, LLC, recenly represented itself as being “a business-consulting firm located on a Native American reservation in Oneida, Wisconsin” on a website of Vendors & Exhibitors attending the Seminole Tribe of Florida Native Learning Center’s 5th Annual Summer Conference held June 4-6, 2013 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL.

  • What is Strateglobe, LLC’s actual place of business?
  • Why hasn’t Strateglobe, LLC, updated the address of its ‘Home Office’ on its website if it’s no longer doing business from Brian Doxtator’s business/residence at 112 Riverdale Dr., Oneida, WI?
  • Why is Strateglobe, LLC, no longer registered with the WI Dept. of Financial Institutions?
  • Was Brian Doxtator aware that Joanie Buckley was using a driver’s license listing the address of his business/residence as her own residence as late as April 23, 2012?
  • How many people does Brian Doxtator allow to use his address for their driver’s licenses?
  • What is Joanie Buckley’s actual place of residence?
  • Has Joanie Buckley obtained a new driver’s license listing her actual place of residence?
  • Does Joanie Buckley even reside on the Oneida Reservation?
  • Is this an attempt at tax evasion or fraud?
  • What is going on here?

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