Pop Quiz 2 & Oversight

Here’s another pop quiz!

According to OSGC.net/what-we-do.php:

Oneida Casino Travel Center – OSGC partnered directly with the Oneida Tribe to create Oneida Generations, LLC. The new organization developed a 23,000-sqaure-foot facility just south of the Hwy. 29/32 intersection in western Brown County, Wis., that houses a small casino, restaurant, Mobil gas station and retail convenience store.

This obviously means that Oneida Generations, LLC, has a contractual relationship with – at the very least – the Oneida Gaming Commission of which OSGC President & Chairman Atty. William Cornelius serves as Counsel. The Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institutions lists the Registered Agent of Oneida Generations, LLC, as being OSGC CEO Kevin Cornelius, whose mother, Amelia Cornelius, is Vice-Chairperson of the Gaming Commission.

Question 1: Who provides the Gaming Commission with legal analysis and advice regarding its contractual relationship with Oneida Generations, LLC (as well as Oneida-Kodiak Construction, LLC), given that the Gaming Commission’s Counsel must obviously recuse himself from having anything to do with that on the Gaming side of the contracts because he presumably has oversight regarding the corporate side of the contracts?

Question 2: To whom does Oneida Generations, LLC, answer to regarding any breach of contractual relationships or Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding with the Casino and/or various Tribal Departments?

Question 3: Who exactly is on the Board of Oneida Generations, LLC, and why isn’t that information readily available to the General Tribal Council which, as the shareholder of OSGC, obviously has a doubly vested interest in Oneida Generations, LLC, given the Tribe’s partnership as advertised on OSGC’s website?

Perhaps this information will come to light during one of the three GTC meetings scheduled for Monday July 1, Monday July 8 & Monday July 29, 2013.

[UPDATE: The Oneida Business Committee decided on June 18, 2013 to cancel the July 29 Special GTC Meeting.]

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